Case Study: The ‘Nightstand Exercise’ For Unbridled Food Freedom

One of the ‘scariest’ exercises I use in my emotional eating coaching is the Nightstand Exercise (NSE) for total food freedom.

To do that, you put the food that used to be your worst addiction on the nightstand before going to bed and see if it’s still there the following day.

The food can be chocolate bars, soda, peanut butter, cupcake…and anything.

Every client had at least 2 feelings about it when they first started Lean Instinct Formula™:

Lots of fear and massive excitement.

And a few weeks later, they experience what Mary Anne in the email has experienced. 

This is not a singular win, as nailing the NSE plus passively losing weight without trying has been a very typical experience among Lean Instinct Formula clients, with the highly similar experience as what my client Rukhsana described below. It feels magical.

Here’s what happens statistically with Lean Instinct Formula regarding the NSE:

86% of my clients could fall asleep without thinking about the food in 6 weeks. Within 8 weeks, 97% could do it. 

They don’t feel attached to food anymore. Those of them with food obsession are becoming obsession-free. They now have the mental space, independence, and freedom from food — no longer controlled by thoughts about food or make everyday decisions based on fears towards it.

That ability alone will take you many years, eliminating emotional eating FOREVER.

While NSE might initially sound like a huge challenge, it’s not because there are weeks of ‘groundwork’ done before people start it. 

And a few milestones that need to be completed are, in the most basic language:  

#1. Your body is no longer harassing your mind with tons of food triggers;

#2. Your mind is no longer noticing the triggers and amplifying every one of them; 

#3. You’ve already accomplished the experience of losing weight steadily without restricting yourself, which has weaned you from the scarcity mindset towards food and a toxic relationship with it. 

Up to now, the NSE is just the next logical step. It doesn’t help you build the ability but help you realize you’ve already gained the power. 

It’s data collection. 

You’ve established a new algorithm that leads you to very different physical and psychological outcomes from what you’ve experienced before. 

And all that’s needed for this new algorithm to grow strength and accuracy is to put it through lots and lots of data. 

Fun fact:  

My clients not only put what used to be the most dreaded food on their nightstands, but they also go to what used to be their most dreaded restaurants and go on vacations that they used to dread a lot because of their lack of ability to control themselves. 

And they have fun, enjoy every bit of them while getting slimmer and healthier. 

Again, it’s data collection. The algorithm is done. And it’s wired to deliver a highly different experience in the same situations. 

So what is the definition of an algorithm in this context? 

It’s how you physically experience and process food and mentally react to it unconsciously and subconsciously.

What’s the best part of the algorithm? 

It’s authentic. It restores joy. And once established, it can run forever.

It means having a normal-eating life. And you can have boxes of ice cream in your fridge but need to remember to eat it and see it but not feel urged to touch it.  

Food is no longer a thing. 

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