Case Study: 15-Year Nightmare Vanquished

My client Dani Hale celebrated her ultimate freedom from the eating and weight problems that she had wrestled against for 15 hard years.

Dani Hale isn’t her real name. She’s a well regarded impact-maker and an industry leader who wants to keep her real name confidential, so she opted in for the name Dani Hale to support me, which I really appreciate. 

To me this secretness is usual. I often work with extremely successful people who aren’t ready to openly talk about the year-long battles they’ve bad with food and weight loss.

In private, my clients always say they succeeded because of me and Lean Instinct Formula, like Dani did in her video at the bottom. However, that’s only half of the story. 

And the truth is: they succeeded because of the mindset that prevented them from being paralyzed and stuck. 

Mindset is the king baby. 

Lamborghinis don’t drive at 20mph just like high-achievers don’t settle for living small. 

Cookie cutters are for doughs, and high-achievers want the real solution that brings sustainable, liberating outcomes, by enabling compounding interest lasting for life. 

And what do I mean by compounding interest? 

As you may already know, wealth builders build real wealth, not by living under their means and saving hard, but acquiring assets that pay dividends over time, organically. 

Just like holistically healthy, lean people obtain heathy, sexy bodies, not by eating under their needs and counting meticulously, but activating instincts that lead to beautiful, self-sustained outcomes, automatically. 

When you start implementing that approach, CONSIDER IT DONE.

And as I’ve always mentioned, losing weight while having food freedom is your body’s natural INSTINCT. And you really just need to know how to activate it, instead of worrying about 1,000 downstream symptoms, such as overeating calories, sugar addiction, metabolism, triggers, food obsession, and the lack of willpower, etc. 

The last but not least about your mindset: you want this for more than the current version of you you — this identity you are living at this moment of life. 

It’s also for the 12-year-old you who had great desire, faith, and so much passion about her future, only to be disappointed if seeing her life get set back by this problem again and again. 

It’s also the 55-year-old you in future who still hasn’t fixed the problem by then, wondering how she could let herself be stuck and self-sabotage for so long. 

If you believe in directing a life not only looking glamorous on Instagram, LinkedIn profile, newspaper, and TV interviews and documentaries, but also feeling vibrantly satisfying in-flow, and effortlessly in-control within, you will not tolerate these. Instead, you will have greater determination and courage than anyone on removing this limit and burden because you are one of the most committed people in this world. 

Back to Dani Hale — 

Before we worked together, she was helplessly obsessed with numbers and diets. The obsession became so unhealthy and toxic that she often found herself spending hours a day calculating, thinking, and regretting about things. She often lost self-control. And whenever that happened, she loathed herself.

The last time we caught up, she has lost A TON of weight BESIDES mastering satisfying and pampering herself. I don’t know exactly how much weight she has lost (because she stopped weighing herself and no longer cared FOR GOOD)….perhaps all she wanted to lose at the beginning.

And what mattered more than that everything just clicked for her and all of the results gained were outcomes of pure self-love vs. self-deprivation.

She even forgot what it used to be like to be an obsessed dieter. That memory was still there, but instead of feeling like her own, it felt like another person’s and she was only an observer, not the bearer.

To her own surprise, she’s not overly excited about all the health, balance, and confidence she has newly gained because all of these feel NORMAL vs. luxurious and fleeting now.

At 50 years old, she felt even better than she did in her 30s.

No more struggle. No more overthinking. No more panic before a big event. No more feeling like an imposter. No more being out of control.

The sugar cravings were not suppressed but forgotten and removed from her psyche.

All of these changes, as well as the experience of being in perfect control without being controlling at all, led her to rethink about her relationship with herself, her team, and her children, etc.

And exactly as we said at the beginning: things were getting better, better, and better.

Just a few days ago, I woke up to this email from Dani Hale long after she graduated from Lean Instinct Formula. My response to her: always remember you are already living your dreams and be proud.

To close Dani Hale’s story, watch this short video she sent me during her beach vacation when she found herself spoiled and enamored in the unbridled freedom, confidence, stillness, and pleasure while remembering these are her norm now.

If you can channel her exuberant emotions in the video, it means you haven’t lost your belief in your dream yet. In that case, please feel welcomed to book a call.