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Lean Instinct Formula™ :

Best Weight Loss Program For Women

Lose weight left and right ...while gaining UNLIMITED food freedom.

Is gaining weight too easy for you? Learn how losing it healthily and sustainably can be the same easy.

I’ve always worked with women who have tried all — including diets, pills, shakes, therapists, and fighting triggers, etc. — but still wonder what the best weight loss program for women is like. 
  • Is it like a bootcamp program such as the Biggest Loser on TV? 
  • Do they need to follow strict, intensive diets and exercise plans? 
  •  Will they be required to count calories all the time and focus super hard on every single bite of food they take? 
  • Does the best weight loss program for women mean enduring the highest amount of stress for so that the scale will respond faster? 
The answer is that NONE of them are true. 
Hi, my name is Leslie Chen. I grew up in Asia (you’ll know why I’m mentioning this in a minute). I’m selected as one of the Top Weight Loss Coaches by Coach Foundation for 2022. And my story and coaching philosophy, including how I help my clients lose weight left and right without counting or limiting themselves on food, has been a sought-after story for a series of globally ranked Top 1-3% podcasts and shows. Some of them are the Top 2 or 3 of their countries.  

For 8+ years so far, my Lean Instinct Formula™ has been bringing people eye-opening experience:

You don’t count calories. You don’t work out. You don’t exclude any food categories from your plates. You don’t take any supplements or pills. And you don’t take any other measures ordinary dieters use. Yet just within weeks, you see the stubborn inches and pounds going away by themselves. And your year-long food obsession, anxiety, fears, and all kinds of negatives towards food disappear.
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The change, despite the size and magnitude of it, happens quietly as you don’t fight your food obsession and cravings but simply outgrow and forget them. There’s no struggle or resistance. And you outgrow your food obsession and weight patterns just like toddlers outgrow their finger sucking obsession and sleep regression.
How does it happen?
And how is it even possible that doing ‘nothing’ is the final answer?  I’ll reveal the secret behind it by sharing a simple fact first.

Asians Have The Answer.

The average Asians are enjoying all the things American fad diets bans….rice, carbohydrates, fried foods, sweet treats, not doing cardio. 
For instance:
  • Asians don’t count calories and they eat plenty of calories every day. 
  • They eat every type of food. 
  • They eat tons and tons of carbs for each meal, multiple time a day. (LOTS of rice, noodles, buns, dumplings, etc.)
  • And they likely don’t go to the gym at all or often. 
Yet in Asia, you don’t see fat people at all. And they live long lives without overusing medicine. For instance, the average life expectancy nowadays in hong Kong is 85 years. It’s 84 years in Japan, 83 years in South Korea, 78 years in the much more economically diverse and heavily populated mainland China. Just for comparison purpose, the average life expectancy in the US is currently 79 years.  And within the US alone, Asian Americans enjoy the highest life expectancy amongst all ethnic groups. (sources: WHO, CDC).
To tens of millions of Americans which you are one of, it might be very hard to see how it’s even possible to enjoy a thin, healthy body while indulging in the delicious food freedom.
It seems that I have to stay on some diet to keep my weight at bay.”
“I grew up seeing my whole family struggling with the weight and eating problems and here I am on the same boat.”
“I don’t even know how to eat now!”
The truth is: you just naturally inherited all these limitation and beliefs from your surrounding. And you feel limited and demotivated largely because you aren’t seeing the big picture!
The 1.7 billion Asians on the planet and how they live show you that not only it is possible to be fit while enjoying food pretty liberally, but also it’s very easily attainableIt’s attainable because this is your *default* mode. You’ve just switched it off without knowing you did it.
And I KNOW it isn’t just genetics because when I first came from the U.S. I gained 30 pounds in 3 months. I tried American diet after American diet and gained 20 more pounds! I lost those 50 pounds and recovered from food obsession only AFTER I quit the American dieting and food rules. And the fact that my western clients experience the same results one after another when adopting the Lean Instinct Formula™ shows that too.

So what do I mean by ‘the default mode?’ 

I mean it’s your instinct. You don’t even need to do anything to maintain it when it’s on and working for you. And it’s the same when you can walk and breathe without consciously counting your breath and degrees between the inches between your feet. 
Having this instinct ON or OFF is the core difference between the woman in the little black dress liberally enjoying the blueberry chiffon cake and the one spending her days counting every single calorie she ate and at war with herself — even if the latter has a PHD in Calorie Counting!
The self-deprivation diets paralyzes this important natural instinct — by stressing and harming your body, distorting your senses, disorganizing your inner chemistry, and downgrading your metabolismThe diets turned your body from working for you as it should into working against you. They will fail you more — just like when the car’s engine is down, pushing it forward can never be the solution.
You have to fix your instinct. And by ‘instinct,’ I’m not only talking about your metabolism although it’s an important component of it.

I’m also talking about:

  • Your ability to accurately and timely sense hunger and satisfaction. This helps you eat just the right amount of food without counting anything. 
  • Your ability to indulge in carbs without while still losing and maintaining weight.
  • The ability to feel neutral and detached facing sweet vs. being desperate and out of control.
  • Meanwhile, Your ability to unplug the food cravings easily
  • And your ability to stop eating whenever you want to — without efforting, debating against, and second guessing yourself.
  • ….
In essence,  your body is programmed to optimize your health and fitness, and it’s fully equipped with that calibre. Really what you need to do is to allow it to do that for you. And that leads me to the following truth which 99.9% dieting Americans don’t see:

Weight loss isn’t your job. It's actually your body’s job. And how far you can go depends on how much you allow your body and instinct to do it for you.

A recent Study by the University of Michigan shows roughly 90% of people who lose a lot of weight eventually regain just about all of it.

If you want to beat the odds, you need to first acknowledge the fact that FAD diets don't work, then adopt a massive strategy upgrade.

Introducing Lean Instinct Formula™

I’m Asian. Before moving to the US, I’ve lived in Asia for 20 years. I ate anything I wanted without fearing or thinking of weight at all. And after gaining 50 pounds and year-round war against myself, I finally started losing weight when I went back to Asia.
So naturally, Lean Instinct Formula™ embodies the most transformative wisdom from Asian culture. These wisdom also works seamlessly with American and European lifestyles.
You don’t need to eat Asian food, and you can eat anything from pasta, sandwiches to clam chowder while seeing the very same results. The real job is in retraining how your mind and body respond to and experience food — and reprogram them for automated weight loss and healthy habits

How can Lean Instinct Formula™ help you? 

Lean Instinct Formula™ is a 10-week mentorship program where that reprogramming magic happens. You’ll see many lost senses and abilities coming back. (My ‘bedside test’ is a classic example of that. Just in a few weeks, my clients who have had no self-control in front of sweets for decades, all of the sudden, are able to keep a full bag of their biggest addiction foods right next to their pillow the whole night, without feeling the need to open that bag.)  
On top of that, you get to watch physical changes on your body yielding and unfolding after abandoning the diet rules you’ve religiously followed for years. Most distinctively, you experience the results BEFORE learning the how-to. This is because your instinct does the job for you whether you understand the how-to or not. And you can’t help but wonder “is it really just this easy from the beginning?!”
Yep. And guess what — just not realizing that makes things 100x harder!

Key Result Statistics:

average weight loss in 10 weeks - 16 lbs
average time it takes to see significant amount of cravings fade - 4 weeks
average time it takes to lose 30 lbs
average time it takes to be food obsession free - 6.5 weeks
average time it takes to start seeing spontaneous weight loss - 1 week
average time it takes to intuitively eat - 8.5 weeks

(Data source: client check-ins 6 months after graduation.)

How It Works:

Step 1. Desensitize Your Body

Instead of fighting hundreds of 'triggers' one after one, day after day, desensitize your body from the triggers so that your body won't sense and capture the cravings to begin with. Over 80% cravings are muted this way.

Step 2. Reconnect and Restore Core Senses

· Reconnect to true sense of satisfaction and hunger

· Reset tastebud senses and preferences

· Eat intuitively and develop a simple, stress-free routine that easily last.

· Lean to stop overeating without counting

· Unplug addiction to junk food

· Reorganize your psychology towards food


Step 3. Remove Metabolic Blockers

· Level up your metabolism set point and stop the body from retaining excessive fat and energy.

· Maximize fat burn using the body's innate power


Janina Effortlessly Losing 40 Pounds After She Did A 3-Month Highly Restrictive Diet Program And Lost Nothing.

Vanessa Ending 20-Year-Long Food Obsession And Emotional Eating Patterns Without Using Willpower Or ‘Rules.’

Kerri Walking Past Her Stress And Anxiety Towards Food, Enjoying A Healthy Relationship With Food Now.

More Client Results

Megghan - Rise Lean testimonial

Megghan Thompson

Her sugar obsession faded away in 3 weeks. Even though she still enjoyed ice cream, there was no more guilt or stress. The best part: she lost 8 pounds in 8 weeks without dieting or exercising. 

Client testimonial Rise Lean
Tim - Rise Lean testimonial
Tim Evans
Tim’s year-long cravings disappeared within 5 weeks. Instead of depriving himself, he gained all the freedom and satisfaction he could ever have on food and lost 10 pounds in 10 weeks. In 11 months, he lost 40 pounds without dieting and any form of cardio and weight workouts. 
Client testimonial Rise Lean
Client testimonial Rise Lean
Ebony Wright
Her year-long everyday sugar obsession gone in 6 weeks, gained a blissful relationship with food while losing all those weight. 
Client testimonial Rise Lean
Man at beach

Fred A.J.

Lost 13 pounds in 6 weeks. Got eating back in control without counting calories or following ‘rules.’

Client testimonial Rise Lean

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. Are 10 weeks enough to rewire the unhealthy, addictive patterns?

Absolutely. The point isn’t learning new techniques and tricks so you won’t be overwhelmed with information. Finally, you’ll find yourself receiving — vs. making —  the shifts because your mind and body are programed to make the right things happen. So you experience the results BEFORE you learn the how-to. 
“Oh I’ve just lost 10 pounds without dieting and working out, now let me see how I did it.” 
It’s an opposite process from the traditional way of learning the rules, applying them, and hoping for results. This is because when your instinct is functioning, it does the job for you whether you understand how it does it or not. And once you’ve set up an automatic system, you simply let it cruise. 
So we use 10 weeks to set up such system and make sure it works consistently. You see results quickly during the process as feedback — and I’m not only referring to the physical results. On one hand, you will lose weight. The majority of my overweight clients experience 2-3 pounds of spontaneous weight loss as soon as the first weekend.
Meanwhile, you’ll find freedom and detachment from the desperation, anxiety, fears, and obsession which you’ve chronically felt about food and weight loss.
The program itself is very lean. You have all you need, and I don’t offer more than that. On one hand, it’s not about information but transformation. On the other hand, seeing you successfully graduate into the brand new life makes me high.

Q2. What does ‘spontaneous weight loss’ and ‘spontaneous intuitive eating’ mean?

I’ve used the word ‘spontaneous’ a few times times to convey a feeling of ease. This is what you are entitled to experience after you ENABLE and ALLOW your body to take charge.
Also, ‘spontaneous’ refers to an unattended experience. There’s no resistance. And there’s being in control without trying to control. 
Want to feel the spontaneity at work? Close your eyes and feel your breathing. You aren’t counting the seconds of each breath to make sure you aren’t over-inhaling oxygen, aren’t you? Yet you are well alive and functioning!

Q3. What’s fundamentally different between Lean Instinct Formula™ and other weight management and intuitive eating teachings?

Here are 3 main principles Lean Instinct Formula™ is created based on: 
  • Lean Instinct Formula™ doesn’t create dieters and isn’t for dieters who want to keep dieting. Instead, it generates happy, satisfied, healthy, and lean people. The two groups are very different species given how they experience life and self. 
  • In line with that goal, Lean Instinct Formula™ isn’t about having you follow metrics, techniques, or rules. It’s about restoring instincts that last for life, so that you can ignore and forget about the rules, techniques, and metrics, while still maintaining good health and an attractive physique. At the end of the day, you just want to live like a normal person!
  • Also, Lean Instinct Formula™ isn’t about losing weight although it delivers that. It’s about living as the person you’re meant to be and doing the things you’re meant to do — with food freedom, intuitive eating, and holistic weight loss being natural byproducts. 

Is it for you?

Lean Instinct Formula™ is designed for a particular kind of person.

Let’s see if you are the right candidate for this: 

You have an emotional eating problem, food obsession, or/and food addiction issue. And you want to regain self-control with your eating. 

You love yourself, know your worth, and care about your personal brand. 

You not only want results but also want the process leading to results to be practical, sustainable, and enjoyable. 

You are done with dieting because you’ve already realized diets don’t work. You want to learn to become thin and healthy intuitively, and prime your body for sustaining the results for you. 

You are coachable and have a growth mindset.

You are no longer willing to miss out on the fun and happiness in life. 

You aren’t facing a medical issue which keeps you from losing weight or requires you to follow specific dieting guidelines. 

You refuse to settle and waste your full potential. 

You feel overall positively about your life. And your life is generally stable family, career, and financial wise — so that you can focus on the new transformation. 

If that's you, watch my free masterclass here.

In just 40 minutes, you’ll learn the exact process my clients are using to remove food addiction and create a blissful relationship with food — while gaining the best body they can have without counting, tracking, or restricting anything. 

Ready to awaken and unlock your dormant lean instinct and lose it left and right now?