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Leslie Rise Lean - The ultimate freedom approach

Hi, I'm Leslie!

I’m the Founder of Rise Lean and Creator of Lean Instinct Formula™.

For 8 years, I’ve been helping high-achieving professionals who struggle with food obsession, emotional eating, and problematic weight patterns create a blissful relationship with food while gaining the best body they can have. 

My proprietary system Lean Instinct Formula™ leverages powerful wisdom from Asia which helps people achieve food freedom and weight freedom in weeks by reactivating their dormant instincts.

Are you sick and tired of facing this uphill battle of eating and weight loss every morning as soon as you wake up?

Does food always make you stressed, anxious, and gain weight?

It doesn't need to be this way. Here's how to stop emotional eating forever, eliminate food addiction, and eat intuitively and freely — while gaining the best body you can have.

Every day, through my free clarity calls and toxic food relationship recovery program Lean Instinct Formula™, more and more people are able to live a life where they: 

Savor every bite of their pizza, ice cream, and chocolate truffles satisfyingly and care-free.

Confidently pick restaurants with the highest reviews vs. lowest carbs and calories.

Drop food cravings, obsessions, and emotional eating habits as easily as breathing out the air.

Feel confident to eat everything they want knowing weight loss is a guaranteed side effect of that freedom.

AND…lose 20, 30, 40 pounds sustainably and organically — and unlike their friends, family members, and colleagues, they don’t worry about the lost weight coming back — ever.

My clients love the immediate, long-lasting success they experience because the method I teach is stress-free, diet-free, and effortlessly sustainable.

Janina Losing 40 lbs After “I Can’t Lose A Pound No Matter What I Do.”

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Vanessa Putting An End To 20 Years Of Food Obsession.

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Kerri Becoming Anxiety-Free Around Food After Long Time Of Suppression.

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To my clients, success is a done deal before they've started. Why? 

Freedom - How To Stop Emotional Eating Forever

Because the journey to navigating emotional eating and food obsession is stress-free once you understand what’s really going on. 

Because my Lean Instinct Formula™ Clients make <10% the effort compared to the diets while getting far better results.

Because they see immediate changes. Clients start seeing record-breaking results in WEEK ONE, and consistently more and more throughout the experience. Every step in the system works solidly and expectedly.

Because there’s no anxiety about food or emotional eating. Instead of disciplining eating with rules, they ditch rules while allowing their golden balance to fall in place.  (Read more.)

Because there’s no deprivation or dieting framework. Instead of working on becoming more compliant dieters, they become diet-free physically and mentally from Day One.

Because what they’ve accomplished is easily sustained for life.

And because we’ve found a way which automates your body and brain to work towards the results instead of hindering them…so that you don’t need to do the heavy-lifting for the self-revealing results at all. 

Learn how to stop emotional eating forever and curb food anxiety…while losing the weight permanently.(Read more.)

In this training, you'll learn how to stop emotional eating day OR night!

Ready to Experience the Easiest Weight Loss Ever and Restore Your Relationship with Food?

You'll also get tips on how to stop emotional eating specifically for you.

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