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Ready to get real results with an online weight loss coach with success around the country, who can help you get results no matter where you are? 

If your goal is to get in shape in a holistic way and keep it off for a lifetime — while eating and living as a normal happy person, your best move is to work with a transformative weight loss coach. 

What Does A Weight Loss Coach Do?

A weight loss coach, by name, helps people lose weight. However, a transformative coach not only helps you lose weight but also helps you re-write your year-long weight patterns — so that weight is a non-issue in life, permanently. 
The transformation not only happens on your body shape but also on the way you think, feel, sense, and experience food. It means your psychology towards food is also permanently rewired. 
The end result is the ability to enjoy food freedom and weight freedom — while living a normal life. And weight loss always happens as a natural side effect.
Are all weight loss coaches transformative coaches? 
No. Most weight loss coaching programs in this country help you shed pounds fast through food or workout tactics. However, they can’t deliver real, long-standing results (I explain the reason later on this page).  And if you especially appreciate flexibility, there are great online weight loss coaches that can bring you huge transformation. 

Do I Need A Transformative Online Weight Loss Coach?

You need a transformative online weight loss coach if you:
  • Value your worth, time, and quality of life, and don’t want to waste time on frivolous diets;
  • Not only want your weight numbers down but also want your long-term weight patterns rewritten for effortlessly maintained healthy weight; and 
  • Want your psychological patterns towards food and eating permanently transformed. It means no more negativities, overthinking, or self-doubts towards eating for the rest of your life. 
  • Want to accomplish great results with online access to personalized help, anywhere you are. 
Also, you need this coach if you don’t want to skip the guesswork and just do what’s proven working and get the results.
When working with a coach who deliver real results, you are saving years and decades from trying things that don’t work. For many of you, it means making the most of the best years in life RIGHT NOW vs. squandering them by being at war with yourself.
And here’s something to think about:
A highly effective coach can help you change your weight and eating patterns in 10 weeks. This usually results in sustainably losing 40 pounds over a course of 12 months.
What this means is:
If you’ve already spent 10 years struggling with the weight issue, at least 9 out of these 10 years could’ve been spent differently if you’ve solved this problem with an effective coach.
So — is it better to get help from a transformative weight loss coach? 
Smart, driven women knowing their worth know the best. 

Why Do Most Weight Loss Coaches Fail On Driving Long-Term Results?

These are the stories you always hear: 
  • Losing weight means taking in less calories than you burn. 
  • It requires restricting carbs. 
  • You have to track food to be in control. 
  • You must work out in the gym — preferably interval, high intensity, and cardio + weight training combined.
  • You should fast from 3pm and not eat for 16 hours every day. 
The list goes on and on and on….
(Insider tip: most weight loss coaches who teach you restriction-focused tactics don’t know what it’s like to have a real, blissful relationship with food. And they fear food as much as you do. )
They are teachers of dieting. And they are probably the best dieters in the world. Nothing is wrong here…EXCEPT: 

A dieter and a normal, holistically healthy and fit person are two very different species.

Yes — they are two different species given:
  • How their bodies operate differently;
  • How they think differently;
  • And how they experience almost every aspect of life differently everyday. 


For instance, here’s what dieters do:

  • Choose restaurants based on how many calories their salad has. 
  • Decide if they’ll go out based on if they may see delicious food and go out of control.  
  • Spend hours and hours planning meals and remembering how many calories they’ve eaten for the day. 
  • Read articles and articles about weight loss, which is the central focus of their life. 
  • Know the calorie numbers of almost every food by 100 grams, 1 cup, and 1 tbsp. 
  • Own a PhD in Calorie Counting, and can’t stop their mind from counting. 
  • Plan their days around food, but never enjoy food.  
  • Weigh themselves everyday, and let the scale number make or break their days.  
  • Feel very lonely, suffering a torrent of shame, guilt, self-disappointment, and anxiety — either because they are too good at depriving themselves or too bad at it
This is a horrible way of living! The dieter’s mentality forms many layers of self-limiting programming within you — chemically, hormonally, and physically, which determines how you feel, sense, experience, and respond to food!
A toxic relationship with food reveals a toxic relationship with self. Try the diets one after another, and you’ll find the only things shrinking to be your self-worth, wellness, and life

By contrast, if you are a holistically healthy, lean, and happy person, the following is your experience:

  • DON’T watch calories, carbs, or macros at all. There’s no thought processes dedicated to these nitty gritty non-sense when you eat.
  • The carrot cake means ‘yummy’ to you. Your brain doesn’t pull up the data like 500 calories or 140g sugar when you see it.
  • Eat intuitively, mindLESSly, and confidently, as you automatically eat the right things at the right amount.
  • Have a scale, but forget to use it.
  • Don’t care about diet coke. If you are like me, you get the authentic, real version when you do order the coke. Same thing when you see
  • Stay at a healthy, same weight for many years, effortlessly. It takes no effort from you because your body takes care of its own work while you are awake or asleep.
  • Go on trips, cruises, dates, movie nights, and you just have a blast — confidently all the time! And you don’t think about food!!! 


See the differences between the two groups of people?


In summary, one is fearful, nervous, and easily stressed by the most insignificant things — a bite of 100 calories. She works really hard but still has no control over herself OR freedom. The other is completely carefree while being in perfect control. These two people can be both 130 pounds, but they live on completely different dimensions.

What does that mean to you? Underline the following:

A coach who doesn’t teach you to live and eat like the latter — aka. a normal person — will lead you to failures.
Yes, they’ll tell you how to control yourself using numbers. But REAL healthy people don’t ever need to control themselves to stay in control. To the healthy ones, moderation and balance are automated due to their core physical and psychological abilities being active. I call them ‘instincts.’ By the way, you have them too. And YOU. ARE. ENOUGH to get the body and life you want.
When you are using diet rules to control your eating, it’s like using a crutch to walk. However, a holistically healthy, lean people can stand on their own feet and walk freely without crutches.  The difference is in the self-belief, the mind, and the body. 

So what are the missing links for an average weight loss coach?


Two HUGE factors.

First, Missing The Real Problem.


In America, a typical coach always tells you that eating the ‘right’ food while restricting calories is the key to weight loss. Naturally, food and calories are considered the problems.

However, if you’ve done various food and calorie centered programs for years but are struggling with the weight still, you’d know something is wrong with this concept. (Side Note: If you want to understand why calorie restriction doesn’t work, I explained it in my post CICO Diet: Why It Isn’t Scientific At All.) 

Instead of blindly falling for the conventional tactics that don’t work, have you ever thought about the following:

  • If you always overeat and empty the plates, what’s making you do that year after year? (HINT: hating to waste food isn’t the real answer.)  
  • What makes your body retain and attract fat vs burning fat efficiently?  (HINT; slow metabolism isn’t the ultimate complete answer.)
  • What makes it so easy for you to experience food cravings and give into them? (HINT: boredom and stress aren’t the answer).
  • If you are addicted to food, what’s really causing it at the core? (Hint: willpower isn’t the answer.) 
  • And what’s making it so hard for you to feel satisfied?  

Explanations like ‘wrong food,’ ‘the lack of willpower,’ and ‘bad habits’ are missing the point. What if your body is conditioned to make you fall for the bad habits through problematic chemical, physiological, and neurological patterns? You can’t fight your biology and chronic programming by willpower.

The keyword, again, is ‘Instinct,’ which involves:

  • How your body takes in and processes food; 
  • How your body allocates energy; 
  • How your body burns energy; 
  • How your brain reacts to food triggers; 
  • How your tastebuds sense and evaluate flavors. 
  • ….

To be specific, when your basic sense of hunger/satiety, taste buds, inner chemistry, digestion, metabolism, and food psychology patterns are working against you at the same time — making you overeat, tired, retain fat, and attract cravings, how can you possibly use will power to overwrite them all?  

Yet instead, once you transform your body and these basic instincts into working for you, weight loss is really just an easy side effect besides happiness, satisfaction, and freedom. I’ve explained it profusely in my free webinar the 5 Steps To Gain A Head-Turning Body without Dieting

So instead of implementing 100 rules, here’s the one major defining problem you need to focus on: turning your instinct into working FOR you. 

That’s how you are freed from 90% of the ‘work.’ It’s now a cruise because your body is activated to do the job for you. This is the difference between pushing the car forward using labor vs. turning on its engine.  And…if the coach you work with mainly focuses on manual tactics like food and calorie rules, he’s not addressing the real problem. And his program is far from sufficient for bringing you solid, stable, and long-term results.

And here’s the GREAT NEWS:


You were born with these instincts built-in within you. 

However, when you strictly follow diet rules by disregarding and suppressing your body’s feelings and needs, your natural instincts get suppressed. That’s why you many of them  — either distorted or ‘deactivated’ — aren’t actively working for you now.  

Yes, restriction-based coaching programs can distort and paralyze your natural instincts. Then something starts feeling “off” for you, for instance, no longer timely feeling satisfaction…or hunger. Without the basic instincts activated, you’ll always have to rely on the mechanical rules and numbers to go through every meal. That’s why weight loss feels like a war. 

The above about instinct is the major consequence of restriction-focused weight loss coaching programs. And it’s rarely discussed. However, it’s exactly what separates dieters from the holistically healthy, lean people.

Meanwhile, it’s no secret that restrictive diets can also slow down your metabolism, which is a big barrier for weight loss. It’s also the #1 biggest reason behind food obsession, which is another problem I solve. And by wiring you towards mechanically following the rules and numbers,  it makes this simple job of eating 100x more difficult mentally. This way, you are deprived of the basic ability to eat and emotionally respond to food like a normal person. 


So this is where most weight loss coaching fail if they are based on restriction methods:


After initial ‘success’ of some weight loss, you — the coachee — normally face 3 major hurdles: 

  • Your core instinct that enables intuitive, healthy eating is distorted and muted.
  • Your body is set to hold back weight loss. 
  • Your mind is set to create wars within you. 

As you work harder trying to beat the odds, all of the 3 major forces are pulling you away from the result you want. That’s why losing weight feels like climbing the Himalaya for you vs. a cruise right now.

Doing the diets and workouts without fixing the core is like spending years of hard work building this magnificent castle on quicksand. Most weight loss coaching cares about the highly visible short-term form of the castle vs. the foundation which everything stands on. 

Second, Reinforcing The Dieter’s Mentality Which Leads To All Dieter’s Struggles. 

Years ago, I’ve got many requests from prospective students and they went like this: 
“Can you just give us a meal plan and an eating schedule, with portions defined, so that you we can lose 14 pounds in a month as you did?” 
I rejected that idea. No doubt you’ll lose 14 pounds or even 30 very easily, and you’ll find a lot of satisfaction from eating great food too. However, that psychological programming of having to follow every rule and watch all the numbers will trap you into the dieter’s identity and emotional, behavioral patterns for the long run. 
You are still cautious about eating everything; your heart still sinks every time when you forget to follow a rule;  you still regret for every extra calorie you eat; you still feel the weight on your chest even if the body is slimming down; and you still don’t know how to live and eat like a normal person — elegantly, care-freely, relaxingly. 
Feeling insecure, fearful, stressed, and anxious about food and being burdened by the rules…. All of these will backfire, and that path won’t lead you to real freedom.
As I said earlier, a dieter and a normal, holistically healthy and fit people are two different types of people — even if both of them are in a 130 pound body
These two identities are two different outcomes. It means you can’t get to one through the path to the other. In America, most weight loss coaches teach dieting programs which reinforce the dieter’s identity. The end result isn unsurprisingly short-lived success in the weight number coupled with lots of frustration.


How Is Lean Instinct Formula™ Different?

First of all, as the Creator of Lean Instinct Formula™ and an online weight loss coach based in California, I’ve been ranked as one of the Top Weight Loss Coaches in 2022 by Coach Foundation. I’ve also been invited to talk about the Formula during interviews with many globally top-ranking podcasts and shows in the health and wellness niche. 

People are fascinated about how it works and why I can make it work for people no matter how long they’ve been struggling with their weight and eating patterns, and here’s the key: 

top online weight loss coach
  • So what exactly is Lean Instinct Formula? 

Lean Instinct Formula™ is a 10-week holistic mentorship program which helps you transform into a holistically healthy, lean person and reverse your problem eating and weight patterns— with <10% work compared to traditional weight loss coaching programs
  • Ditch counting and being aware of calories. 
  • Stop restricting yourself on any food categories. 
  • Stop minding diet rules. 
  • Stop working out just to compensate for eating and enjoying life. 
  • Eat intuitively and liberally, with a SIMPLE, STRESS-FREE food routine. 
  • And no need to live like a dieter, which means immediately embracing the psychology and the physical patterns of a holistically, healthy, free person
The trick is activating your body and mind to lose the weight FOR you. The result is living the life you meant to live while watching your body reset its shape, fat ratio, and experience with food
The following data gives you a glimpse of how Lean Instinct Formula™ restore your innate ability to eat freely, intuitively, and confidently while training your body to rewrite your weight patterns. 

The Lean Instinct Formula™ Progress Stats

Week 1
Lose >2 lbs while abandoning dieting and counting. 50%
Week 2
Get comments like “you really look different!” from people, losing inches AND pounds. 83%
Week 4
Consistent weight loss; feel 100% free and secure when eating — without needing to analyze food. 100%
Week 5
Food obsession unplugged. 87%
Week 10
Have completed trending the body towards effortless weight loss, and are poised to lose more. 100%
6 Months Later
Keeping the weight off and enjoying food freedom. 91%

(Data source: client check-ins 6 months after graduation.)

Lean Instinct Formula™ Client Experience

Janina Effortlessly Losing 40 Pounds After She Did A 3-Month Highly Restrictive Diet Program And Lost Nothing

Vanessa Ending 20-Year-Long Food Obsession And Emotional Eating Patterns Without Using Willpower Or ‘Rules.’

Kerri Walking Past Her Stress And Anxiety Towards Food, Enjoying A Healthy Relationship With Food Now.

Click on the link below to find details on Lean Instinct Formula™ — including the methodology, its core philosophy, step-by-step processes, plus comprehensive data on the reliable results it brings. 

What Should I Look For In A Transformative Online Weight Loss Coach — In Terms Of Results Gained?

As you’ve seen above, the basic outcomes always include:

  • Intuitive eating and food freedom.
  • Real, sustainable weight loss. 
  • Your body’s basic senses and instincts re-activated and primed for effortless long-term maintenance.
You’ll get weight freedom and food freedom, but it’s way more than that. 
In order to ensure long-run results, there are two major assets that a highly effective coach nurtures within you.

First, A Health-Giving  Belief, Rooted In Real-Life Experience.

Right now, you have limiting beliefs which have possessed you for decades. These beliefs create self-limiting thought patterns which lead to self-limiting behaviors, therefore preventing you from making real changes. 
For you, it might be the belief that food restriction is the only pathway to weight loss. It might be that you are genetically primed to be overweight. You may believe food freedom won’t happen after the age of 35. And you may subconsciously believe that your parents limitations are your limitations without being aware.
Regardless what your dominant beliefs are regarding your body and relationship with food, they are always creating matching reality. Ultimately, your beliefs determine your mind, self-identity, and your relationship with food (self). 
Therefore, it’s the job of a high-performance coach to turn the failure-producing limiting beliefs into health-giving ones. And the goal is preventing you from being trapped by the same negative beliefs and thought patterns about food in future. 
Online you may see many people claiming they can change your beliefs — therapy, meditation, visualization, etc. A really great coach makes sure she changes your beliefs, not by words and lecturing, but by completely altered experience.
And since you’ve formed negative beliefs on food and your body through negative experience. The beliefs can be easily shifted when your experience is 180-degree altered. 

Shifting your experience is always the most reliable way to shift your beliefs.

Don’t believe you could lose weight steadily without dieting? You’ll live that experience then believe it.
Not seeing how you can eat carbs without worrying about weight? You’ll live it then believe it.
Never believed you could intuitively eat well without minding calories? Again, you can live it first, then believe it.
Watch my client stepping onto the scale for the first time after 4 weeks of eating WHATEVER she wanted and abandoning calorie counting or workouts. She found herself losing at least 10 pounds —2.5 pounds a week on average, naturally. After 10+ years of self-deprivation, she never believed she could experience such beautiful peace and elegance in front of food. She kept losing weight and feeling free.  As the experience extended, her old beliefs on her limitations shattered.  
A good coach works with you to create the experience that permanently transforms your beliefs. The rest is to let the new beliefs thrive on themselves and create new matching experience for you!

Second, Independence And Confidence — Regardless of Circumstances.

When you are on a diet, you might be confident for a while because you believe in the dieting rules can help. Using the crutch analogy we used earlier, it’s like someone believing in the crutch she uses to stand up and walk.
A transformative weight loss coach makes sure your confidence comes from you. And you’ll have that whether you are eating at home with families or eating at a gelato store in Turin, Italy.
The confidence will come from your ability to stay in control without trying to control yourself. It’s not only because your body is working for you to keep you fit right now; it’s also because your psychology towards food has been reorganized. And you no longer live by the dieter’s mentality.
You’ll also be independent from your thoughts and cravings. It means that you won’t lose yourself to a random desire towards an ice cream, or a bag of chocolate.
A classic examples I can speak from my own coaching experience: 
Lean Instinct Formula™ clients who used to be addicted to chocolate for decades find themselves peacefully falling asleep with the bag of chocolate next to their pillow — without any impulse of opening the bag — after 5-6 weeks of applying the Formula.
They are no longer victims of their own thoughts and cravings. And that’s the independence that’ll keep you healthy and lean throughout life’s changing circumstances — including Covid, job changes, relocation, relationships, and a pregnancy and child-birth, etc. `

Who Can A Transformative Online Weight Loss Coach Help?

It’s for everyone who has a growth mindset and desires to eat, look, and live better. However, there are two essential criteria you need to meet in order to get real results. 

First Comes First — You CAN’T Want To Be A Dieter. 


Remember what I’ve said earlier? A stressed, dependent dieter and a holistically healthy, lean person are two different species in every way.

I don’t care how many years you’ve been practicing dieting. If your end goal is to become a dieter and learn to diet better, you won’t be able to gain sustainable weight loss. As mentioned, these two are 100% different outcomes. And you can’t reach one through the path to the other.
So, if at the back of your mind, you are thinking “maybe I should try Keto first then gradually learn to eat balanced and introduce carbs back….”
First of all, that won’t happen. Our most common experience in keto (and any diet) is: as soon as you become less restricted, your body regains weight
But really, if you still have the dieting psychology, you aren’t ready for taking the holistic approach for real weight loss yet. This is because real wellness and weight loss REQUIRES that you are willing to let go of and UNLEARN the dieting woo-woo. Plus it’s exactly the attachment to these rules that prevents you from achieving real freedom and confidence.
You are like a person with the full ability to stand on his own feet but  insisting on holding a crutch because you believe more in crutches than in yourself. By believing you can’t walk, you can’t walk. What a holistic weight loss coaching program does is to help you stand tall and walk fast without that crutch. It’s not about switching to a different crutch (diet). 


Second, You Have A Growth Mindset And You Are Coachable. 


Let’s be honest: embracing freedom can be scary to some people at the beginning. This is felt a lot when the person has been relying on some dieting mechanism for years. And all of the sudden, there’s no numbers to count on, and she’s guided to eat all food categories including the ones she dreads. 

After weeks, people will adapt and find this journey mentally freeing. But at the beginning, it’s nerve-racking. Imagine a person sitting on a wheelchair for decades trying to stand up and walk for the first time. Her legs, muscles, and neural system are ready. But her mind isn’t yet just because she has never done it. Often, we believe more in our limits than in our full calibre. 

The #1 thing you have to do at this moment is to trust. Trust the coach — as she knows what she’s doing; and trust yourself — as your body is capable of what you’ve asked. 

Hence, here’s an example of a client who was really nervous about not counting calories and eating satisfyingly, without restriction when she first started. She counted calories for every meal and every day in the past 11 years. By encouraging her to stop doing that, I was taking her crutch away with the certainty that I can help her stand on her own feet. 

It was terrifying for her at the beginning. Four weeks later, she got it! Losing 10+ pounds in a month may not be that surprising. But accomplishing it when you don’t diet, don’t count, don’t exercise, and  don’t cut carbs at all is indeed the first time in her life! Because she was willing to trust, she was able to experience her own power. 

That’s what I meant by coachability. It’s the willingness to trust and grow. 

Want To Work With A
High-Performance Online Weight Loss Coach And Experience Effortless Weight LossNow?

I encourage you to book a 1:1 Clarity Call with me. During this call, we’ll accomplish the following: 

  • Diagnose your situation and identify your biggest hurdles in gaining weight freedom and food freedom. 
  • Gain clarity on where you truly are in relation to your goal. 
  • Identify the most effective and fastest way to get to your goal. 

For my clients, this phone call was the starting point of years and decades of happiness and confidence they are experiencing now. 

If we are great fits, I’ll show you exactly how you can be successful. If something happens to be better for you, I’ll direct you towards that resource because it serves you better. 

Hi! I'm Leslie Chen.

I’m the Founder of Rise Lean and Creator of Lean Instinct Formula™.

For 8 years, I’ve been helping high-achieving professionals who struggle with food obsession, emotional eating, and problematic weight patterns create a blissful relationship with food while gaining the best body they can have. 

I’m also nominated as one of the Top Weight Loss Coach in 2022 by Coach Foundation… and an interview guest of a dozen of globally ranked TOP podcasts and shows in the Fitness and Wellness niche. 

I’m happy to help you identify what your problems are in a free Clarity call. If we work together, I’ll rewrite your entire experience with weight and eating in TEN WEEKS. 

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