Learn how to gain a head-turning body without food being a theme in life.

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Award-Winning Online Weight Loss Coach: A Head-Turning Body & Total Peace with Food

Award-Winning Weight Loss Coach

When working with an effective Neuroscience-based weight loss coach, clients get long-lasting results while cutting >90% effort.

For 9 years, I’ve been helping clients lose weight through SIMPLICITY, restore self-control with EASE, and trust their bodies again seeing health is their FATE.

They’ve struggled with weight and eating for years and decades…until they met me and realized what they thought was Mt. Everest was nothing more than a small hill. 

Eating and getting fit should be as natural as breathing! 

Right on this page, I’ll show you how I can you get the same results my clients get within 10 weeks of reprogramming journey together.

I’m talking about effortless weight loss and permanent freedom from food overthinking.

Sounds Incredible? Let me show you the proof.

In the video below, you’ll enter my clients’ world for a minute and find how amazingly their whole lives are transformed through embracing ease, food freedom, and unlocking automated weight loss. 

I’m fully aware the words ‘ease’ and ‘freedom’ might sound too good to be true for you given all those years of struggling and dieting. 

But what if you’ve only failed because the methods you used weren’t designed to create long-run success to begin with? 

And what if getting fit while having food freedom is actually facilitated by your basic natural instinct that will start driving results for you — as soon as you stop suppressing it and overcomplicating everything? 

My clients never stopped raving about their experience over the years.

[Interview] Valarie: 27 Years of Binging Plus Weight Gone

[Interview] Amanda: Loving Herself Again

Jennifer: 21 Pounds Dropped in 10 Weeks AUTOMATICALLY — Diabetes Is Silenced, Back Pain Is Gone, and Incredible Freedom Has Become the New Norm.

@riselean Chat w/ my client Jennifer. 7 weeks in, lost 21lbs effortlessly, no dieting, no crunching numbers, just living and eating like a normal, free person. Diabetic blood sugar level down to normal consistently. Back pain gone. No cravings. Just happy. #foodfreedom #weightlosscoach #relationshipwithfood #sustainableweightloss ♬ original sound - Rise Lean Store

Terri: From Devouring College Nutrition Textbooks, Obsessing with Diets and Struggling to Steadily Losing It Without Trying

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I used to believe that losing weight meant depriving myself of all the foods I loved. This toxic relationship with food had plagued me for years, leaving me feeling helpless and insecure about my weight. But after teaming up with Leslie, my whole perspective shifted.

By Week 2 of Leslie's weight loss coaching program, I was already seeing a difference. My body shed 5 pounds without any extreme diets or techniques. It was then that I realized how little I knew about my body and how capable it truly is. As the program continued, I learned to trust my body more and more, and unhealthy eating habits began to fade away naturally. My once-inescapable sugar addiction even began to lose its grip on me.

Before working with Leslie, I had lost and gained the same 40 pounds four times. It was a frustrating cycle that left me feeling worse about myself each time. But with Leslie's guidance, I lost 45 pounds and have been able to keep it off for 2 years now. This transformation has been life-changing for me, and I couldn't recommend Leslie's coaching more highly to anyone looking to break free from negative food patterns and achieve lasting change.
Megan L.
San Jose, California
Working with Leslie has been a total game-changer for me! Not only have I lost 28 pounds and transformed my relationship with food, but I've also been able to pass on the wisdom I learned to my 8-year-old daughter.

For years, my own unhealthy relationship with food had gone unchecked, and it wasn't until I saw my daughter checking her weight on the scale that I realized how much it was affecting her too. As a big-framed girl who was slightly overweight, I knew I needed to make a change for both of us.

Thankfully, Leslie was there to help guide me through the process. She helped me shift my identity and move beyond my fears and insecurities about food. And the best part? I was able to use the wisdom from her course to teach my daughter the healthy way of eating too.

Of course, losing weight was a big part of my journey, and I'm thrilled to have shed 28 pounds. But even more than that, I'm just so much happier and more fulfilled now that I've taken control of my health and shown my daughter how to do the same. Working with Leslie was the best decision I ever made, and I can't recommend her coaching anymore to anyone seeking mind-to-body transformation on a deep level.
Jessie W.
New York City
Fifteen years ago, I took a business trip to China and was struck by something unexpected: not a single person on the street was overweight. The locals savored their meals without a second thought, and I couldn't help but wonder if their slim figures were just a matter of genetics. But thanks to Leslie's coaching, I discovered the real secret to their way of eating. The way the program was designed made sure I was able to internalize the wisdom and fully apply them. Not only did I shed 41 pounds without depriving myself of any foods, but I also transformed my relationship with food. The sweet treats I once craved now repulse me, and my days of constant hunger are a distant memory. I've learned to tune into my body's natural cues and trust them fully. And best of all, the weight has stayed off without any need for obsessive calorie counting or excessive workouts. Thanks to Leslie, I'm finally free to enjoy my food and live my life to the fullest.
Diana S.
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Who am I?

Hi, I’m Leslie Chen — a neuroscience based online Weight Loss Coach with a transformational blueprint, which helps you gain the head-turning body, while enjoying unlimited food freedom.

My nine years of in-depth coaching experience, graduate school training in Neuroscience, and upbringing in East Asia where food freedom and health are innate have form a powerful reservoir of wisdom, which  allowed me to develop a unique and powerful system that has consistently helped clients gain not only weight loss but also ease and food freedom once and for all. 

By the way, I’ve struggled with 50 extra pounds plus the binge eating problem and reversed both 17 years ago. They never came back, so I get every bit of what you are going through.

And my flagship weight loss coaching program Lean Instinct Formula™ has changed the life experience of an army of intelligent, driven, and high-achieving women in North America, Europe, and Middle East.

Due to the amazing results I bring my students, I’ve been ranked as the Best Online Weight Loss Coach by multiple online sources. I’m the 2024 speaker and Outstanding Leadership Award winner at the global Health 2.0 Conference, along with some of the world’s leading experts in the Health field. In addition to that, I share my knowledge as an Expert Contributor on world-class media platforms such as Entrepreneur as well as world’s top 0.1-1% podcasts.

Outside of my coaching career, I’m a rebel, solo traveler, and equestrian with insane laughter who sometimes remembers/forgets that she’s a mother and a wife.


Lean Instinct Formula™ — Weight Loss Coaching That Works Consistently

Lean Instinct Formula™ DOESN'T:

  • Train better dieters; instead of creating stricter dieters, we focus on curating happy, healthy, and holistic human beings and life experiences, which are the very opposite outcome.
  • Teach monitoring calories, carbs, or any diet-related food metrics. By contrast, we teach freedom from all of these combined. By the way, if your mother used these and never succeeded, you shouldn’t use these, as they are fundamentally irrelevant to the goal we are helping you achieve.
  • Require rigorous exercising. Being active is encouraged because it’s good for your brain and heart. However, don’t over do it. 

Real weight loss is a CRUISE  — when both your mind and your body are driving the results FOR YOU.

— Leslie Chen, Online Weight Loss Coach

Key Program Statistics:

Average Weight Loss in 10 Weeks (lbs)
Average Time (Months) Needed to Lose 30 lbs
Average Number of Weeks It Takes to See Weight Loss w/o Food Restriction
Average Number of Weeks It Takes to Become Food Obsession Free
Average Number of Weeks It Takes to See a Significant Amount of Cravings Gone
Average Number of Weeks It to Master Intuitive, Stress-Free Eating

Ready to make weight and eating non-issues in life with an award-winning coach?

It's very simple.

STEP 1. Book your free assessment call.

Make sure you also finish a few questions here. Your answer will be reviewed carefully before the call to make sure you get the most out of it. 

STEP 2. We discuss your goals and set up a work plan that WORKS for you.

STEP 3. You take actions with my help — until you lose weight organically, sustainably, and in a spiritually liberating way, left and right.

That’s right, I help you gain sustainable weight loss by helping you rewrite how you psychologically, physically, and emotional experience food and weight loss….So that the moment you lose the pounds, you know you are free from them forever.

Frequently Asked Questions

A little background: my clients went so far to lose weight — for instance, imagine studying multiple Nutrition textbooks,  becoming a certified personal trainer, and traveling abroad to live in an ashram to find peace from addictive food and weight thoughts. However, years of effort didn’t lead them to their ultimate success until they stumbled into Rise Lean’s transformational weight loss coaching experience. 

I’ll tell you what makes the difference right now: 

When it comes to online weight loss coaching programs, the biggest common failure is focusing on food, nutrition, and workout only.

The truth is: most people suffering from chronic dieting and weight problems KNOW all the disciplines and nutrition rules, but they still can’t succeed. Why? Because of deeper, automatic patterns that are dominating their thoughts, emotion loops, behaviors, decisions. 

I call it their ‘inner algorithms.’ 

In short, you can go through the work of seeking online nutrition coaching, hiring a diet coach, or training with a personal weight loss trainer or using accountability coaching to enforce disciplines.

However,  if the core, default patterns driving this painful mental and physical reality still run you 24/7, none of the investment will bring you the ROI you are seeking. 

That said, the three main ‘algorithms’ that need to be looked at are: 

  • Psychological patterns around food that makes your relationship with it toxic. 
  • Physical and sensory patterns around eating that makes your body overeat and fall for every cravings uncontrollably. 
  • Physical patterns blocking weight loss.
  • Belief patterns that make you obsessed, stressed, and over-react towards both food and weight. (Obsession towards eating is maladaptive and conflicts freedom in every way. Obsession towards weight loss simply manifests more weight to lose.) 

Rise Lean’s weight loss coaching program has been rated as the best weight loss coaching program by multiple sources (example 1, example 2) because we have a highly refined system which consistently turns anxious, unhappy, and unfulfilled dieters into free, healthy, confident and life-loving people. 

Eating right becomes an unconscious conscious activity that automatically sustains itself.

Health and weight loss become a natural byproduct of the aforementioned inner algorithms being reset. 

Obsession disappears as an automated self-control system, balance, and boundaries are re-installed.

In order to qualify for these results, you have to first realize what you are dealing with isn’t a food problem, knowledge problem, willpower problem, or workout issue. 

My clients’ success rise from their decision that they don’t want to be PhDs in self-deprivation and weight-related obsession anymore.

Instead, what they truly desire is to become free while eating like normal people…without food overthinking, number crunching, self-deprivation, micro-managing circumstances to follow rules, or organizing their  life around food, diets, and numbers.

Here’s a bit more elaboration about why it matters to choose an freeing approach vs a restrictive one: 

The happiest and healthiest people on earth are not diet addicts.  

And something you really need to understand is: the thought patterns, everyday experience, and self-identity of dieters are not only different but also  OPPOSITE  from those of a happy, holistically healthy, and lean person. 

To be specific, dieters deal with a cluster of mental baggage, negative emotional loops, anxiety, constant frustration, and fears around food. All of these continuously lead to self-sabotage, unhappiness, and unfulfilled life. 

By contrast, the holistically healthy, lean people aren’t even aware of these. Such freedom allows you to eat and live confidently while pursuing things you truly want in life. 

That’s why the following question is the cornerstone which determines what you will be next:

Do you choose to be a permanent dieter or a permanently free, healthy person? 

Because you can’t embark on the pathway towards the former hoping to get to the latter. 

And the reason why you’ve been struggling with dieters’ problems is because of the past decisions of choosing the life that led to it. 

Frankly speaking, not all of them work, and it really depends on the particular online weight loss coach, his capabilities, and the design of the program in relation to the goals promised. In order for an online weight loss coaching program to provide long-lasting results, it needs to at least satisfy the following: 

First, it can’t be hard to implement. 

Ultra-simplicity is the key, and the simplicity intuitiveness on the surface actually requires a great deal of sophistication in its design from the creator of the program — as it is filled with simple, small buttons that unlock massive shifts and create visceral pattern-shifting changes for the long run. 

At Rise Lean, students experience the outcomes spontaneously without intellectually learning and analyzing information. Later, they come back to learn the smartly-embedded buttons just in order to know what to do in future. 

Second, it has to be simple and satisfaction-driven. Simplicity +  satisfaction = sustainability. 

Third, it has to go far beyond food. My answer to the previous question explains why food isn’t the core issue at all for people struggling with chronic weight and eating problems. An online weight loss coach overly focused on food instills food obsession in you, which creates more vicious cycles that enforces the dieter’s mentality. 

Fourth, it has to make you feel authentically aligned within. The ultimate sense of alignment is found in one heart-driven question: “Can I live this way in future and will I be happy with it?” 

Regarding if Rise Lean’s online weight loss coaching program works and what outcomes it delivers, I believe you can find the answer on this page and all the weight loss client testimonials, videos, and case studies included.

Based on Rise Lean’s historical records, the average weight loss my clients experienced in 2.5 months is 16 pounds. And the average amount of time needed to lose 30 pounds has been 6 months. Of course, there are outliers — such as losing 21 pounds in 7 weeks. While individual experiences vary, it’s safe to say it’s realistic to lose 4-6 pounds a month using Rise Lean’s approach where weight loss, along with satisfaction, freedom, sustainability, as well as the removal of a toxic relationship with food, is a natural byproduct of the physical and psychological reset. 

Therefore, if you need to lose 20 pounds sustainably, achieving it over 4-5 months is totally realistic. 

Regarding the speed of weight loss, many chronic dieters are over-excited by dramatic weight loss such as 20 pounds in a month. It’s unhealthy and unnecessary. Most of my clients are ecstatic to know I was able to lose 50 pounds in a bit over 12 months and they called it fast weight loss. However, if we take the monthly average, it was 3-5 pounds per month — not that exciting at all but highly achievable. 

Here’s the question: would you rather lose 40 pounds in a short period of time, mostly in an unsustainable way, and do it over and over again 4 times, which adds up to losing 160 pounds? Or would you prefer doing it a bit slower, once and for all, and no longer need to worry about the weight coming back? 

The best part of my weight loss journey: I didn’t need to deprive myself, I didn’t even need to track weight loss or food, and I was able to live life without restriction or everyday food anxiety. 

A genuinely transformational weight loss coach knows to embed the nutrition basics in his or her teaching. However, food and nutrition are never the core of the teaching because holistic  transformation isn’t centered on imparting information or setting rules around food. In the context of sustainable weight loss for chronic dieters, the change is always dependent on resetting the deeper-level physical and psychological patterns, which keep leading them to the same situations and difficulties again and again. 

At Rise Lean, our goal is to help people live and eat like a normal person — and become free from food related overthinking or obsession. Nevertheless, all important tools and knowledge are included in the basic modules of the program.

After many years of coaching, I’ve come up with the following criteria when evaluating if a candidate and Rise Lean can co-create success for both: 

  • Personality and culture match; 
  • Problem and solution match; 
  • Commitment and outcome match; 
  • Growth mindset.

#1. Personality and cultural match. 

My clients are emotionally mature, intelligent, kind, and independent professional and business women who have accomplished many dreams in life and have the inner drive for accomplishing more. They have clarity about their goals. They believe in victories and ride every step in their life. They are natural learners, smart communicators, love to laugh, and some of them are very humorous!

#2. Problem and solution match. 

My clients usually struggle with all or the majority of the following problems: 

  • They struggle with weight. They have 15 to 50 pounds to lose and they don’t want to diet anymore. 
  • They lack a liberating, slimming approach to food.  They don’t know how to eat in a way that provides them both freedom and health, especially with a busy schedule. 
  • They lack self-control with food — frequently overeating regular meals, and/or having frequent food cravings which they fall for way too much. This also includes food addiction (say sugar addiction), emotional eating, stress eating, and boredom eating problems. 
  • They struggle with destructive food psychology — fearing food, overthinking about it, with lots of anxiety towards food and eating sponsored by negative beliefs and experiences in eating. 
  • They lack boundaries in their daily relationship with food, relationship with self, and in their eating when it comes to juggling social life and health.  

Rise Lean’s online weight loss coaching program is exactly built to solve all of the problems altogether — by delivering an experience where the outcomes naturally unfolds one upon another. 

#3. Commitment and outcome match.

In a word, you need to be serious about the transformation and commit to going through the work to achieve it. 

#4. Growth mindset. 

As an experienced online weight loss coach, I’ve worked with many intelligent women in high-power careers, and I find the more accomplished they are, the stronger growth mindset they have, which is key to being successful in this game. 

In order to transform into a holistically healthy, lean, and happy person with lots of freedom, you have to be ready to abandon the concepts of food and eating which keeps you stuck in the self-deprivation and weight obsession mode. It means truly emptying your cup — so that you can let in the new, wonderful things. 

The great news is: with the right solution, you’ll find — as a client of mine has smartly put — “what you’ve seen as Mt. Everest is nothing more than a hill.”  

Let me begin by stating that I may not be an ideal match for everyone. I am dedicated to my career, passionate about my work, and the last thing I desire in life is unfulfilled potential. This commitment drives me to give my utmost effort to anyone I undertake to assist.

Given this, I prefer collaborating with individuals who share a similar attitude and ethics – those who are not mere dabblers but aspire to make the most of life, leaving no room for regrets. If you resonate with these principles, then we are likely well-suited, and I believe my expertise and personality can significantly enhance your journey.

To start, you will be engaging with a genuine expert possessing profound knowledge in reshaping physical, psychological, and neurological patterns – a crucial aspect if you’ve been entrenched in toxic food relationships and problematic weight patterns for years. Much like my clients, many of whom are authority figures in their careers, I am no novice in mine. My commitment to empowering women to attain freedom and health is exemplified by my pursuit of a Master’s degree in Neuroscience at King’s College London, the world’s second-best university in this field. I constantly invest in learning from the best for my personal and professional development. And I strive for creating the best solutions for those I serve.

I am an effective speaker in my domain, having shared expert insights on top educational and media platforms, including globally ranked Top 0.1% podcasts. Receiving the Special Leadership Award at this year’s Global Health 2.0 Conference and addressing a gathering of world-class health experts and organizations on the subject of food addiction has been a gratifying experience.

If you believe that the crux of my value lies solely in my education and professional background, you would be mistaken. I attribute my ability to create a transformative experience for my clients to the fact that I once grappled with the same dark moments, loneliness, and self-disappointment they face daily. If you are familiar with the struggles my clients endure, I am essentially in your head, comprehending every problem underlying each emotional and physical setback. This connection empowers me to design a system that not only boasts powerful efficacy but also offers the most direct route to your goal, enhancing emotional relief and fulfillment at every step. As mentioned earlier, the change is not merely physical or intellectual; it is visceral and spiritual.

With nearly nine years of experience in my field and a track record of assisting phenomenal women worldwide in achieving their goals, I am confident that I possess the tools, systems, intellectual prowess, and emotional maturity to guide you through the dark tunnel to the other side.

Ready to unlock tremendous ease and massive, organic results….

And do it in a way which thoroughly transforms your experience with food, eating, and weight once-and-for-all?

online weight loss coach