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Ready to Lose 50 lbs Left & right while Unlocking Unlimited food freedom?

Does this sound like you?

  • Are you an impact-maker who’s successful in her career and life, but can’t seem to find a way to solve the weight problem no matter how hard she has tried? 
  • Are you currently overweight (with a BMI over 25) and frequently overeat —  during and outside of regular meals? And is it always a struggle to get your eating in control due to overwhelming cravings
  • Are you spending hours a day stressing about your weight and relationship with food, and don’t know how to get them back on track without hurting your emotional well-being?  
  • Are you worried that if you don’t fix your weight problem, it’ll just go worse from here?  
  • Brace yourself, and I’m going to show you what I’ve learned throughout 8 years of helping people solve this exact problem you have: 

Hi, I'm Leslie Chen — a trusted online Weight Loss Coach with a transformational blueprint, which helps you gain the head-turning body, while enjoying unlimited food freedom.

For 8 years, I’ve been helping people like you break through this hope-desperation-frustration dieting cycle, using Asia’s body-transforming, mind-liberating wisdom, which has changed the life experience of an army of intelligent, driven, and high-achieving women in North America, Europe, and Middle East.

It all started 16 years ago. When I first came to the US for college, not knowing anything about US food made me put on 50 pounds very quickly. Being a straight-A dieter for a year only helped me put on more than I’ve lost. However, surprisingly, a short vacation back to my hometown in China turned everything around without calorie counting, elimination of carbs, or any other diet ‘work’ or rules I used to follow every day. That’s when I started cracking the code to lose all 50 pounds in a year — and most importantly, restored the lifestyle where food freedom is a part of being lean and healthy vs. a taboo of it.  The change starts from activating your body’s sensory and metabolic instincts that drive weight loss for you. And the outcome is not only physical, but also psychological and spiritual. 

Due to results I bring my students, I’ve been ranked as the Top Weight Loss Coach In 2022 and 2023 by Coach Foundation. I also write as an Expert Contributor for world-class media such as Entrepreneur. And occasionally, I show up on the world’s top 0.1-1% podcasts to share pearls of wisdom I use that has changed many people’s lives.

Using this highly effective approach which I’ve named Lean Instinct Formula™, I’ve helped many people lose weight holistically while gaining unlimited food freedom. 

My clients never need to diet to see the results. They can eat whatever they like. 

And instead of doing one diet after another, all they do is ONE thing: 

Turning their body and mind from RESISTING, BLOCKING results into DRIVING them non-stop.  

So really how effective is Lean Instinct Formula?

I’m glad you are asking. 

Throughout 8 years of coaching, I’ve got some clear and consistent data on what changes and milestones students tend to accomplish at each step of the way. 

Key Result Statistics:

Average Weight Loss in 10 Weeks (lbs)
Average Time (Months) Needed to Lose 30 lbs
Average Number of Weeks It Takes to See Weight Loss w/o Food Restriction
Average Number of Weeks It Takes to Become Food Obsession Free
Average Number of Weeks It Takes to See a Significant Amount of Cravings Gone
Average Number of Weeks It to Master Intuitive, Stress-Free Eating

Exactly how does Lean Instinct Formula deliver these amazing self-sustained results?

To illustrate how exactly I help people gain real, sustainable weight loss, it’s best that we get a comprehensive view about a set of problems that are holding them back first. 

Most of my clients have the following problems which show up in their daily life (click on the item titles to see details): 

These problems don’t just work on their own. Instead, they work as a combined whole to constantly set you back no matter how hard you work. 

To break the chain, Lean Instinct Formula first reveals its power by showing you a highly effective, stress-free, and freedom-based approach to eating and living that delivers organic weight loss without thinking and calculating like a dieter. With such routine in place, the old barriers and limiting beliefs you’ve held about weight loss start to vanish. 

Solving the metabolism further makes sure your body’s weight loss engine is fully turned on to – instead of resisting results —  drive them for you. 

You should see consistent weight loss by now. However, to accomplish real, sustainable transformation requires more because if you’ve been dieting for years, you could experience a few more major obstacles that continues to make the weight come back. 

Your body may be experiencing excessive craving triggers for high-calorie, high-sugar food.

You still haven’t gained the perfect spontaneous self-control in front of these triggers, which is the basic ability a genuinely healthy person has. 

Your sense of satiety is still out of whack and you keep hungry all the time, making you overeat. 

You are psychologically addicted to thinking about food all the time.

And you still have tons of negative beliefs about food, which triggers fears, anxiety, stress, and obsession towards it. As long these negativities exist in you, you can’t have a healthy, liberating relationship with food.  

It’s so essential to list these issues here because any one of these can easily sabotage your hard work, if left unaddressed, because your body or your psychology, or both, are still in your way, preventing you from being liberated from the old patterns. 

Most people don’t realize that losing weight is a part of your body’s basic natural ability to self-manage and self-correct

And most methodologies out there make you sabotage your body’s ability to do that by having you stress, exhaust, and malnourish it. That’s really the #1 biggest reason you’ve done so many of these programs just to fail once and once again…whereas to gain real success, all you need to do is to just one thing only: restoring your natural instinct. 

And this is what makes Lean Instinct Formula stands out: 

By helping you do that one thing successfully, it thoroughly rewrites how you metabolically, psychologically, emotionally, and psychologically experience food and weight loss. 

And when my clients say it’s an identity shift, they aren’t exaggerating a bit. 


Next, let me break the strategy down so that you can see the roadmap of transformation:

Step 1. Learn How To Eat

No matter how much knowledge and how many techniques you learn about food and weight loss, without a STRESS-FREE routine which brings everything together, your learning won't generate real outcome. So the first milestone is adopting a food routine meeting the following standards:

1. Stress-free, practical, and sustainable.

2. Healthy, balanced, non-restrictive, and healing both psychologically and physically

3. Create weight loss results on its own.

This routine will allow you to see your ability to lose weight while still having food freedom. Once you experience that outcome, your negative mindset and self-limiting beliefs about your body and food will be released organically.

This helps you STOP overthinking about food while gaining confidence in yourself.

Step 2. Restore Metabolism

Your metabolic changes happen as soon as you've started Step 1. Here, we'll do it in a much more focused way.

In my coaching, metabolic healing involves two major elements that deepen the change:

1. Eliminating chronic inflammation which, is one major issue which causes metabolism slow-down;

2. Supercharging metabolism using foods powering maximized metabolism — and most importantly, using them in a way that's seamlessly embedded in your everyday routine.

These methods, ones adopted, help your body burn more energy every minute.

Step 3. Re-activate Lean Instincts

I want to re-iterate this: it's in fact your body's natural instinct to self-correct and self-manage. That's why I've mentioned earlier that losing weight is your body's job, not yours. And interfering with it forcefully by suppressing its needs and signals through dieting is the key why you've lost touch with these natural senses that keep everything in check and in flow.

To achieve authentic weight loss result, we must reactivate the instinct and reconnect us with your core senses.

This includes:

- Reconnect to true sense of satisfaction and hunger.

- Reset tastebud senses and preferences.

- Restoring how your brain responds to craving triggers.

Once this step is done, you will:

- Stop overeating without counting.

- Unplug addiction to junk food.

- Stay in perfect control with food cravings

Step 4. Transform Food Psychology

A dieter's mindset always projects a dieter's reality.

Throughout the program, you'll gain a dramatically different experience with food and weight loss, which helps you release the dieter's mindset in a visceral way.

Now you realize food isn't really your enemy, and it's NORMAL situation for food freedom and sustainable weight loss to co-exist.

You've also learned your body is fully capable of automating weight loss, without you overthinking about it or over-restricting yourself. You are also watching your body managing itself really well with all your key senses working effectively.

You no longer live or think like a dieter...and to most people, it's HUGE relief.

As you can see, the outcome is not just about losing 50 pounds. Instead, it’s about shifting the underpinning patterns that determine your weight…so that your body DRIVES the result, and maintain it autonomously for years and years to come.  

You don’t need to change everything or create something different from scratch.  You just need to restore the instincts you’ve had by clicking the ‘ON’ button. 

Let me crystalize the definition of ‘transformation’  that happens through Lean Instinct Formula because it helps to be very clear about what this journey is and is not. 

And here's a pleasant surprise for you, which, if you start the Lean Instinct Formula journey, will be revealed to you very soon.

Real weight loss is a CRUISE  — when both your mind and your body are driving the results FOR you.

— Leslie Chen, Online Weight Loss Coach

Yep, it’s a cruise. Imagine driving a self-driving vehicle. Once the machine of your body is fully turned on and empowered, it leads you to all positive outcomes without you wasting your time and energy overthinking, over-planning, and over-restricting.

Weight loss is only hard when you sacrifice so much just to follow the rules that you know don’t work for the long run. And I guarantee you Lean Instinct Formula can make things 100X easier because: 

You will lose weight fast without dieting

You won’t count calories.

You won’t need to work out in the gym. 

You can happily and unapologetically eat carbs.

You won’t go through rigorous meal prepping sessions every day.  

You won’t deprive yourself of your favorite chocolate or chips. 

You don’t need to avoid social events just to follow some regimen. 

You can just eat like a ‘normal’ person and treat yourself well. 

It means you can live life authentically, freely, and confidently — focusing your energy on things that matter in life.

You don’t need to fear the lost weight coming back because you didn’t do anything restrictive or crazy to lose the weight to begin with. 

And on top of all that, you see yourself hitting record-breaking milestones one after another, which is a  tremendously empowering experience. 

When I’m writing these down, I’m fully aware that this experience I’m describing right now can sound too good and even surreal to most Americans who have been overweight and relentlessly obsessed with diets for years. 

In fact, if I didn’t come from Asia, and if I’ve spent my whole life living in the western FAD fishball learning the distorted information growing up, I’d feel this ease and relief are something I can never have in my life regarding my weight and health.

However, the truth is rather black and white: when your body’s lean instincts are fully enabled, it takes care of weight management for you.  And luckily, it won’t take you too long to experience the transformation yourself when you start using the right method that contains true needle movers.

Next, I'll let my clients speak about their experience:

Janina Effortlessly Losing 40 Pounds After She Did A 3-Month Highly Restrictive Diet Program And Lost Nothing

Vanessa Ending 20-Year-Long Food Obsession And Emotional Eating Patterns Without Using Willpower Or ‘Rules.’

Kerri Walking Past Her Stress And Anxiety Towards Food, Enjoying A Healthy Relationship With Food Now.

I used to believe that losing weight meant depriving myself of all the foods I loved. This toxic relationship with food had plagued me for years, leaving me feeling helpless and insecure about my weight. But after teaming up with Leslie, my whole perspective shifted.

By Week 2 of Leslie's program, I was already seeing a difference. My body shed 5 pounds without any extreme diets or techniques. It was then that I realized how little I knew about my body and how capable it truly is. As the program continued, I learned to trust my body more and more, and unhealthy eating habits began to fade away naturally. My once-inescapable sugar addiction even began to lose its grip on me.

Before working with Leslie, I had lost and gained the same 40 pounds four times. It was a frustrating cycle that left me feeling worse about myself each time. But with Leslie's guidance, I lost 45 pounds and have been able to keep it off for 2 years now. This transformation has been life-changing for me, and I couldn't recommend Leslie's coaching more highly to anyone looking to break free from negative food patterns and achieve lasting change.
Megan L.
San Jose, California
Working with Leslie has been a total game-changer for me! Not only have I lost 28 pounds and transformed my relationship with food, but I've also been able to pass on the wisdom I learned to my 8-year-old daughter.

For years, my own unhealthy relationship with food had gone unchecked, and it wasn't until I saw my daughter checking her weight on the scale that I realized how much it was affecting her too. As a big-framed girl who was slightly overweight, I knew I needed to make a change for both of us.

Thankfully, Leslie was there to help guide me through the process. She helped me shift my identity and move beyond my fears and insecurities about food. And the best part? I was able to use the wisdom from her course to teach my daughter the healthy way of eating too.

Of course, losing weight was a big part of my journey, and I'm thrilled to have shed 28 pounds. But even more than that, I'm just so much happier and more fulfilled now that I've taken control of my health and shown my daughter how to do the same. Working with Leslie was the best decision I ever made, and I can't recommend her coaching anymore to anyone seeking mind-to-body transformation on a deep level.
Jessie W.
New York City
Fifteen years ago, I took a business trip to China and was struck by something unexpected: not a single person on the street was overweight. The locals savored their meals without a second thought, and I couldn't help but wonder if their slim figures were just a matter of genetics. But thanks to Leslie's coaching, I discovered the real secret to their way of eating. The way the program was designed made sure I was able to internalize the wisdom and fully apply them. Not only did I shed 41 pounds without depriving myself of any foods, but I also transformed my relationship with food. The sweet treats I once craved now repulse me, and my days of constant hunger are a distant memory. I've learned to tune into my body's natural cues and trust them fully. And best of all, the weight has stayed off without any need for obsessive calorie counting or excessive workouts. Thanks to Leslie, I'm finally free to enjoy my food and live my life to the fullest.
Diana S.
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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STEP 3. You take actions with my help — until you lose weight organically, sustainably, and in a spiritually liberating way, left and right.

That’s right, I help you gain sustainable weight loss by helping you rewrite how you psychologically, physically, and emotional experience food and weight loss….So that the moment you lose the pounds, you know you are free from them forever.

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And do it in a way which thoroughly transforms your experience with food, eating, and weight once-and-for-all?

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