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Are you considering working with a metabolic weight loss coach?

If you’ve been dieting for years with no real results, and you want to work with an expert and get sustainable results through a holistic approach, this article sheds light on what a body-transforming and mind-liberating weight loss journey involves.

First of all, who am I and why should you listen to me?

I’m Leslie Chen, whole-self weight loss coach with 8 years of experience in helping high-achievers and impact-makers accomplish organic, sustainable weight loss while regaining their food freedom.

I’m featured as the top weight loss coach for 2023 by Coach Foundation. My coaching leverages transformative, time-tested wisdom from Asia, which helps you rewrite how you physically, psychologically, and emotionally experience eating and weight loss. And during the process, your lean instincts are restored and turned on, which is why you can easily lose the weight and effortlessly maintaining it for the long run.

To understand my core coaching philosophy, take my free training 5 Elements To Gain Unlimited Food Freedom While Gaining A Head-Turning Body. It teaches you what people who have nailed it know that you know…which is how you can embrace food, enjoy eating, while losing weight left and right.

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Now, let’s talk about true, sustainable weight loss.

And specifically, I’ll talk about 3 GAME-CHANGING FACTS YOU MUST KNOW if you want to gain real results that last…without missing out on what life has in store from you:

The care-free street dining moments.

Those hand-made chocolate from a boutique chocolate factory in Torino, Italy.

The movie nights with friends where cocktails and popcorns are both abundantly available.

The beautiful dating nights.

None of the time you’ll say “no” to these events you like because you are afraid of the food and weight gain. You won’t need to worry about going over CICO budgets, and you won’t fear the scale number on the next morning just because you’ve eaten some ‘taboo’ food at night.

You haven’t lost the weight despite all the years of effort mostly because you haven’t learned these facts I’m about to teach you…and because of that, you’ve been working against mind and body’s core mechanism and turned both into barriers to success.

Also, not discovering these essential facts means that you’ll be still thinking, operating, and seeing things from the dieter’s perspective — leaving you guaranteed to create experience sand results that are aligned with that perspective.

So I believe this article will open a whole new door of learning and opportunities for you. And when I reveal to you the 3 radical change factors, you’ll find answers to many questions you’ve been holding for long. And one of them is definitely “how come I haven’t been successful yet?”

3 Game-Changing FACTS Unlocking Fast, Autonomous, and Sustainable Weight Loss:

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#1. The SMART and EASY way, instead of fighting the problems, is elevating your mind and thought patterns — so that the old problems no longer exist on your level.

I’m a result-oriented weight loss coach, which makes it unnatural if I don’t address the weight loss ‘strategy’ — the metrics, the plan, the milestones, etc (for those details you can visit this page). But the truth is: even an experienced weight loss coach deeply focused on the science of the body has to be humble about one thing mighty, which is the power of the mind.

The consequences of ignoring your mind while blindly following numbers and metrics, especially through diets, can be far more devastating than you could imagine. Here’s a very common example:

This answer you just saw above comes from someone who applied to work with me. Before this one, I’ve received very similar answer at least 5000 times on this application form.

Initially people want to lose some pounds through some food intake restriction scheme. Then life went completely out of hand from here, and the simple problem of some extra weight evolved into a dark, depressing nightmare.

People think they may easily get rid of the pounds as long as they follow the rules — without realizing suppressing their mind’s needs make them completely loose self-control with food and eating.

So here’s first principle: REAL, holistic weight loss demands transformed self-view FIRST.

This is because self-view is actually the SOURCE of a series of problematic thinking and behaviors especially in the eating and weight loss areas.

And once your self-view is shifted, many old ‘triggers’ and old bad eating habits tagged with the old self-view will vanish by itself. It means you don’t need to fight these problems anymore — simply because you don’t encounter them any more.

The way you see yourself on the subconscious level determines if you are a fit, healthy, happy person with a blissful or a toxic relationship with food. This subconscious programming works at the back stage, priming you for choices, behaviors, and decisions that are consistent with it.

That being said, your weight is not the problem, it’s only the symptom reflecting a problem that has projected it.

Let me give you an example:

I have a friend, a silicon valley serial 9-figure entrepreneur and investor who has been running everyday regardless of the weather conditions for years. Out of curiosity, I once asked him what made him stick with the hard work for so long. And his answer was crisp and simple: “I’m a runner.” 

I’m not suggesting you run everyday. What I’m pointing out is this:

His self-identity of a runner made running everyday a no-brainer and seamlessly automated everyday routine, which takes no deliberate effort or even thought process to happen. To me running is hard work. I never think of myself as a runner or care about being one, and I haven’t run for years. But to him, it comes as natural as eating and sleeping — as it feels good, consistent with who he feels he is. 

People who believe they are holistically healthy people and feel like one EAT and LIVE like one by default.

To them, being caring for themselves and being selective about food is so natural that it doesn’t take a thought process. And what you might see as ‘hard work’ don’t feel like hard work for them because it’s just a natural part of life, seamlessly embedded in their self-expectation.

So if you want real, authentic results that leads to the life of the happy, holistically lean, and healthy person, your first thing first is adopting that self-identity because, as proven by science time and time again:

Your mind always seeks external behaviors, choices, and events that are consistent with its beliefs. 

Self-worth in particular — which is at the core of your self-identity — impacts your habits, eating, and weight in direct and profound ways. This is because how you value yourself determines how you treat EVERY MATTER ABOUT YOU, including your food, eating, health, time, space, relationships, and environment around you when no one else is watching.

When you don’t care about yourself as much, you tend to care less. It means many things now become acceptable to you:  junk food, M&Ms, and meals after meals at McDonalds.

Your inner self, again, has projected the outer self. And your weight is only the symptom of a mixture of beliefs you’ve maintained inside.

So, a physical upgrade does involve a psychological upgrade. Are you ready to make yourself the priority and really love yourself yet?

The bottom line is: if your mind is working against you and DRIVING all the behavior and eating problems, it’ll set you back no matter which advanced weight loss strategy you are using.

I talk about it in the following video too:

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#2. Weight loss is NOT your job, it’s your body’s job.

True, sustainable weight loss requires you to do nothing but living like a ‘normal,’ healthy person — who’s aware of making good choices but does NOT interfere, restrict, or suppress her body’s own instincts.

After all, it’s your body’s natural instinct to manage and correct your weight.

Surprised? I’m not joking at all.

My 3-year-old knows when she’s full and when to stop eating. She doesn’t count calories. She’s not trained to prefer sugar thus doesn’t have the cravings. She doesn’t overthink about food. She’s not limited on her food intake. Her digestive system breaks down the food well, get the nutrients and energy she needs, and fuels her entire body’s key functions including a healthy, fast metabolism. And she has a perfectly healthy BMI. Everything naturally works out for her.

And do you see some people who aren’t dieting or counting calories at all yet are naturally fit, and wonder how they are able to do it?

They get that by relying on this instinct I just told you about.

You were born with this ability like everyone was. But for you, things are a little different now. The instincts still exist but aren’t working as actively as they should. Why?

Long-term suppression.

You’ve turned them off when you decided that you’ll use willpower to ignore how your body feels….

When you chose to rely on the numbers while suppressing your body’s organic signals….

When you ate a tiny amount of food…which turned your body into starving and energy preservation mode….

And when you deprived yourself for prolonged period of time, which amplified your cravings and multiplied the ‘triggers.’

The outcome is the basic instincts being muted, giving way to a set of responses leading to weight gain. And a few symptoms include but aren’t limited to the following:

Not capturing satisfaction and feeling hungry all the time.

Excessive sugar cravings.

Bad digestion which is at least partial reason for impaired metabolism.

Slow metabolism which is also because the original metabolic setpoint is lowered throughout diets.

When your body is irresponsive and even working AGAINST you on various critical levels, you can’t lose weight no matter how hard you try. This is because:

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Weight loss depends on YOUR BODY’s ability to drive it.

So instead of doing 100 diets that treats the ‘symptom,’ you need to do one thing ONLY: 

Turning your body from working against you into working for you. 

This is also why you should STOP the highly restrictive diets or counting games you are doing. Restrictive dieting not only harms your body’s instincts because they require you to keep ignoring your true feelings, but also molds your mindset into the dieter’s mindset, blocking changes on deeper levels.

The sure thing is: when your lean instincts are back, weight loss is autonomous. 

Can’t imagine it? See what my client found at her FIRST weigh-in after joining Lean Instinct Formula.

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#3. UNLIMITED food freedom is an organic part of true, sustainable weight loss.

If you think food freedom and weight loss are mutually exclusive, you are at loss here.

Throughout years, I’ve been mocked by my American colleagues when I said you can have ‘unlimited food freedom’ while losing weight left and right, and I’m pretty used to it now. In the perspective of most weight loss specialists in this country, everything has to follow the CICO rule, and you can’t eat a ton of junk food everyday while still keeping fit. 

That theory isn’t mistaken. However, their interpretation about food freedom and CICO is still limited to this western FAD fishball, which prevented them from seeing what I meant to say.

So if you have the same suspicion about ‘unlimited food freedom,’ let me clarify it for you here: 

Most people have a misconception about what ‘unlimited food freedom’ means.

And ‘unlimited food freedom’ does NOT mean overeating a ton of junk food — even though it DOES mean eating whatever you want, as much as you wish, without worrying about weight gain. 

The keywords are ‘want’ and ‘wish.’ 

If you tend to overeat loads of junk food every day, that’d be an issue. However, what if you’ve dropped that pattern and no longer have impulses for that behavior?

This is exactly the change you’ll see when your body is tuned up, metabolism speeded up, tastebuds rewired, cravings muted, and satiety point reset. These changes happen in my coaching. And it could even feel strange to feel detached from your worst food addiction that has bugged you for years.

You may also find yourself not being able to overeat anymore. Your brain and stomach both resist the 4th chocolate now as body sends out the signal to make sure you aren’t doing it.

To sum it up, it’s not that you try to use discipline to get self-control. It’s instead the experience of staying in control without trying to control — because you’ve shifted how you experience, think about, feel, and process food. 

Your relationship with food sees a massive breakthrough from here. 

The change can happen fast, and I hear words like the following almost every month from my students:

  1. “I’m not interested in French fries now.” 
  2. “I can’t finish more than 4 chocolates.”
  3. “I feel full now and can’t have more food.” 
  4. “That burger that I used to love eating a few times a week tastes funny to me now.” 
  5. “I ate only ⅓ of the donut and tossed the rest because it’s overly sweet and tastes yucky now.” 
metabolic weight loss coach

The “Nightstand Exercise” is my clients’ favorite part among all the transformational techniques and exercises included in my course. During the particular exercise, my clients see themselves fall asleep easily and peacefully, with a whole bag of what they used to be addicted to on their night stand. Over 80% of them accomplish that milestone in 6 weeks of training. 

They have all the freedom to eat things they like. And they also have the same freedom to not eat things they like or dislike. It means they can now ditch the willpower game and live and eat by free will without worrying about crossing the boundary. That’s true food freedom. 

And the takeaway is: food freedom is an inseparable part of the true, autonomous, and sustainable weight loss. Self-deprivation is for dieters; freedom and joy are for holistically healthy people. 

Cliff Notes:

  1. Holistic weight loss is enabled by transformation of both the mind and the body.
  2. Your mind determines how you experience the 3D world. With that said, your subconscious programming around self-identity determines your all attitude to yourself — which includes self-care, self-love, eating, food choices, relationship with food, and of course, your weight and health. It’s cascading effect from the top and the core. 
  3. Losing weight and maintaining a healthy weight is your body’s natural instinct. And you can’t lose weight sustainably if your body’s core senses and functions are working against you. Most of the diets you are doing are unnecessary and paralyzing your body’s real abilities. (To learn more, learn Lean Instinct Formula.) 
  4. Food freedom, instead of being the enemy, is an organic part of sustainable weight loss. You won’t experience true, sustainable weight loss without seeing this.

Now Over To You:

Ready to unlock tremendous ease and massive, organic results — without overthinking eating and beating yourself up….

And do it in a way that reprograms your experience with food, eating, and weight once-and-for-all?