Case Study: From High School Wallflower To Reunion Star

Yesterday, I had a follow-up call with my client Amanda, and she told me that for the first time in a decade, she feels great enough to want to attend her high school reunion, where she’ll be really proud of herself this time.

She said, “For the first time in decades, I’m feeling healthy, whole, confident, and loving myself again.” 

And she attributes it to our work together. 

You might wonder what we’ve accomplished together, which created that monumental shift in her life. 

A bit of background first:

Amanda is a well-respected faculty member at one of the nation’s highly reputable universities. 

She has been on the road to career success. Still, she has struggled with uncontrollable weight gain and a toxic relationship with food as long as she could remember (the typical profile of Lean Instinct Formula students). 

For years, she feared food, had an unstoppable obsession with it, spent 2-4 hours a day thinking about it, and for countless times sabotaged herself with it. 

She had never experienced how a ‘normal’ person would eat and live life — without the non-stop inner talk about carbs, calories, and pounds. And no matter how well she progressed in her career, it only took one episode of indulgence or two extra pounds on the scale to make her feel incompetent and not enough. 

She’s 5 and 140 pounds, and has struggled to lose 14 pounds for years and years.

The results she has gained?

Shedding not only the pounds but also the entire baggage above…and finding herself again. 

She didn’t make any diet or exercise effort towards weight loss as her body did it for her and is still maintaining it for her. 

(In case you didn’t know, one key element taught in Lean Instinct Formula is automating weight loss and making it inevitable.)

Her body automatically lost and sustained the weight — despite many situations of eating out with family and friends over the months, not deliberately exercising, not restricting herself with diet rules, plus taking a medicine known for causing weight gain as a side effect. 

She also stopped caring about weight loss — one more thing she could never imagine before. 

So eventually, for that wholeness which she got to reconnect again: what has caused it? 

Her realization that she’s now living her dream and can stay there forever. 

Her dream of being healthy, free, powerful, and invincible is that of millions of women waiting to unleash their full potential. 

If you share that dream and are ready to be lifted by an expert who can help you realize it, book a 1:1 Clarity Call to what can be accomplished. 

To Your Happiness, 

Leslie Chen


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