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Leslie Chen: Award-Winning Weight Loss Emotional Eating Coach

Lose 50 lbs Left and Right While Enjoying Tremendous Ease & Satisfaction

Overweight, overeating, having self-control problem with food, and don't know how to eat without restriction while losing weight sustainably? Solve them all with Weight Loss & Emotional Eating Coach Leslie Chen

Whole-Self Weight Loss & Emotional Eating Coach Based In California & Serving The World.

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Hi! I'm Leslie Chen.

I’m a transformative Weight Loss & Emotional Eating Coach based in California, helping clients all over the world gain a radiant, lean physique using Asia’s BODY-TRANSFORMING, MIND-LIBERATING secret. I’m also rated as the Top Online Weight Loss Coach for 2023 by Coach Foundation. And for 8 solid years, I have helped many become successful stories in achieving food and weight freedom — no matter for how many years they’ve struggled before meeting me.

I work with the smartest people in this world. They are very hard-working, and many of them have gained glaring accomplishments in their professional and social roles. However, no matter how diligent they are, they are still stuck in the problematic weight and eating patterns, which sets their life back from time to time.

My clients’ wishes are very simple.  Some of them mainly want to be the right example for their kids. Some just want to be healthy and eat like a ‘normal’ person. And others just want to have the experience of casually wearing a simple white shirt loosely tucked in their blue jeans at their skinny, toned waistline…and feel GREAT about it — without having to over-exercise or under-eat to extend that experience. 

That’s where my help comes in. And my proprietary system Lean Instinct Formula™ leverages powerful, time-tested, and scientific wisdom from Asia which helps people achieve food freedom and weight freedom in record time — by reactivating their dormant instincts and rewriting their year-long weight and eating patterns. 

The outcome is losing weight left and right with food freedom being the default, autonomous approach to eating. And I invite you to close your eyes right now…and feel that relief and joy in your stomach which come with that

Does This Sound Like You?

  • Are you an impact-maker who has accomplished lots of success in life, but for some reason can’t fix her weight and relationship with food — despite tons of frustrating diets and programs she has done?
  • Are you currently overweight (with a BMI over 25) and frequently overeat —  during and outside of regular meals? And is it always a struggle to get your eating in control due to overwhelming cravings
  • Do you spend an excessive amount of time fixated on food and your body weight, constantly thinking about them and researching ways to manage them? Are you eager to learn one solid way that allows you to eat freely while achieving steady, long-lasting weight loss?
  • Are you worried this vicious cycle you are going through may extend to your son and daughter, destroying their chance of being happy, confident, and healthy?
  • Are you ready for the real solution, which not only delivers the fitness and health results reliably but also turns your body into self-managing autonomously? And it means you can have the dream body while enjoying food freedom
  • And are you ready to to experience a deep, holistic whole-self transformation now — using a time-tested, science-backed approach which is surprisingly body-transforming and mind-liberating

If You Answered 'Yes' To Most Questions Above....

You’ve come to the right place.

Almost everyday, I speak to women who are exactly like you.  Most of them are in their 30s and 40s, and they’ve been struggling their weight and food issues since as early as they can remember. 

They understand sustainably losing weight and detaching their minds from food  requires a sophisticated, pattern-changing method which is nothing like counting numbers, restricting food categories, and depriving themselves. 

And as soon as they join my program Lean Instinct Formula™,  they’ve opened a whole new world.

They get to savor the ice cream, pizza, chocolate truffles, and pasta satisfyingly without guilt. 

They ditch calorie rules along with all the other diet rules they’ve accumulated and followed verbatim for over decades. 

They stop running hours a week in the gym.

Yet they start losing weight consistently — 10 pounds, 20 pounds, 30 pounds, 50 pounds….only because their bodies have been activated to self-correct.

They are over the moon because this time, they know the results will last since they didn’t do anything crazy to get them. 

Confidence returns with full force. 

Food obsession, sugar addiction, and emotional eating problems are gone without using willpower.

And what’s more? Their husband and children are OVERJOYED to see that person who they’ve missed for years coming back with such profound passion for life.


My clients love the autonomous, long-lasting success they experience as my method rewrites their year-long physical, sensory, and emotional patterns…and drives massive, sustainable results without the need of dieting.

Janina Losing 40 lbs After “I Can’t Lose A Pound No Matter What I Do.”

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Vanessa Putting An End To 20 Years Of Food Obsession.

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Kerri Becoming Anxiety-Free Around Food After Long Time Of Suppression.

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To My Clients, Dropping 50 Pounds Is A Cruise. Why? 

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Because we’ve nailed the one single difference that makes losing weight autonomous — which is turning your body and psychology into driving the result for you vs. resisting or preventing it.

Because my Lean Instinct Formula™ clients make <10% the effort compared to the diets while getting far better results.

Because with a solid approach developed by a transformative whole-self metabolic weight loss coach, they see immediate changes. Clients start seeing record-breaking results in WEEK ONE, and consistently more and more throughout the experience.

Because they can live and eat like a ‘normal’ person while still seeing results. 

Because food is no longer dictating their lives. There’s no anxiety or stress around what to eat and how much to eat. Moreover, an organic, healthy, and slimming boundary with food is met without the desperation to control anything.

Because everything they learn here has compound value which self-multiplies and self-sustains. Therefore, they don’t need to worry about keeping the weight off.

Learn from Leslie Chen — trusted Online Weight Loss coach based in California — and start getting fit and healthy with tremendous ease and relief now.

Sustainable Weight Loss Is A Cruise, Not The Grind, Because:

Seriously, losing weight isn’t your job. It’s your body’s INSTINCT. 

As soon as you activate that, real, sustainable, unstoppable weight loss will happen and it happens EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

~ Leslie Chen, Weight Loss & Emotional Eating Coach

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