How to Lose Belly Fat Naturally

If you are seeing your midsection bulging, you need to pay attention. A high amount of belly fat usually indicates visceral fat, which is the type of fat ‘hidden’ deeply in your belly around your organs.

Let’s put weight loss aside for a moment. This type of fat can actually be dangerous to your health because of its highly toxic properties. In addition to coating your mid-section with a layer of unsightly fat, its cells ‘pumps out chemicals that promote disease.’ Then it secretes them into your bloodstream. As a result, body fat increases the potential for several diseases.

How to Lose Belly Fat Naturally

Consequences of Belly Fat

Research shows that belly fat is directly associated with Type 2 Diabetes. Furthermore, it is the key indicator of heart disease and promotes chronic inflammation. Here’s how belly fat creates this problem: 

The excessive fat cells deep in your belly make your body produce insulin, which is the hormone that helps the body store glucose. Over time, your body stops effectively responding to insulin and develops insulin resistance. The body creates more insulin to compensate for it, and the overproduction of insulin creates a significant hormonal imbalance. This triggers inflammation — the body’s natural defense system, making the body release more chemicals to fight the imbalance.

Inflammation and Belly Fat

Inflammation is a tremendous barrier for weight loss, and also plays a key role in the progression of many chronic diseases. Some of them include diabetes, metabolic disorder, heart disease, autoimmune diseases, and cancer.

Chronic inflammation can create several issues. Here’s how belly fat triggers this problem:

It puts your body in a continuous high-alert, high-stress condition which it’s not meant to endure chronically. Over time, it gets tired and vulnerable. This allows the body to get sick more often. In addition, chronic inflammation causes pain, neuropathy, fatigue, and muscle weakness. Another side effect is weight gain, due to a combination of hormonal, metabolic, and digestive issues created. Lastly, many years of chronic inflammation can increase the likelihood of having diabetes and cancer. 

Many people think these conditions from metabolic and hormonal problems to cancer are more of a concern for older people. The truth is: the majority of my clients have experienced some of them when we first worked together, and most of them are in their 30s. They were successful in their career and other roles in their lives, but they suffered from feeling weak, incapable, and deeply insecure. 

Their health conditions made, what was supposed to be a beautiful life, a big question mark. And it gets especially emotional when they think about not only themselves but also their children and other family members. Truly, when someone’s health goes underwater, the ship — whether it’s a rewarding career, a business empire, or a beautiful family that has been built up over years — can sink in a matter of months. Losing belly fat can help reduce the risk of more serious diseases, and maintain everyday health. 

Weight Loss and Chronic Inflammation

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There are two vicious cycles at work due to chronic inflammation. 

  1. Fat => chronic inflammation => fat 
  2. Stress => chronic inflammation => stress

People who have body fat also tend to have chronic inflammation. As a result, they tend to continue to gain more belly fat. 

Secondly, people who experience a great deal of stress tend to have inflammation. Inflammation causes a great deal of stress to the body.

There is also significant research that shows stress heavily influences someone’s food choices and appetite. That’s why people who are stressed tend to turn to carbs and sugar for comfort. It also explains why some people eat more when stressed, while others eat less. This has a significant impact on weight. 

The thing is: you can’t have real weight loss results or live healthily without reviving your body’s basic functions and instincts. You can eat intuitively and live with an abundance of freedom. This is essentially why it matters to lose weight in a natural, organic, and effective way. 

How Do You Know If You Have Belly Fat?

We’ve talked extensively about chronic inflammation because it’s such a big underlying cause of belly fat. But, how do you know if you have visceral fat? According to Health Direct Australia, the best way to tell if you have belly fat is to check your waist circumference. For women, a waist circumference above 80cm is an indicator, which is 31.5 inches, and for men above 94cm, or 37 inches. 

How to Lose Belly Fat Naturally

Here are three essential ways you can learn how to lose belly fat naturally and sustainably:

  1. Reduce chronic inflammation. 

This is very obvious after the introduction of how chronic inflammation increases belly fat. Remember one thing we said earlier? Fat causes chronic inflammation, which in turn produces more fat. Without addressing the systemic issue of chronic inflammation, any results are bound to be short-lived. 

    2. Reduce stress. 

The stress hormone, cortisol, is linked to higher amounts of belly fat. Everyone has their own way of reducing stress — some people find meditation helpful, others love taking a walk, doing yoga, or  listening to music. 

It’s also necessary to understand that food choices are influenced by your stress level. So, be sure to reinforce good eating habits while reducing stress. Eating foods like tea, kimchi, and vegetables, for example, can help stabilize hormones and calm the body and the mind.

    3. Lose weight. 

I teach people how to lose belly fat naturally. As they lose weight, their belly fat reduces. Unfortunately, there’s no way to target only the belly area when losing weight. The key is to find a sustainable, effective way to lose weight that you can keep off in the long run. 

Avoid restrictive diets, as they can actually make things worse. It creates the desperation — deprivation — disappointment cycles that not only harm your body, but also hurts you emotionally. Instead of healing the body, it stresses the body. And, the more stress there is, the more physical consequences, including chronic inflammation.

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A Transformative Solution on How To Lose Belly Fat Naturally

A real transformative solution should be able to bring relief and resolution to the 3 most detrimental areas: 


  1. Chronic inflammation, which creates health and weight loss obstacles 

      2. Stress, especially the kind created by failing chemical imbalances triggered by unhealthy food intake

     3. Choose healthy and sustainable weight loss. This includes learning about your instincts and avoiding restrictive diets. 


When you are on the right path, you experience weight loss because your newly wired body and mind are doing the work FOR you vs. AGAINST. 


Remember, “Everything is a learned skill.” This is my favorite line to share with my students. 


In other words, you can learn these healthy patterns so well that they can perform without you consciously stepping in. In other words, a healthy lifestyle and a healthy body are learned skills.


It’s all learned. Nothing is predetermined or fixed.


If you are interested in finding out how real, sustainable, transformative weight loss is done and how your relationship with food can get re-coded in record time, without diets or deprivation, book a free consultation with me.


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