Mindset and Weight Loss

Mindset changes everything but activating that change is easier said than done. The hard part is telling the difference between a true mindset shift and short-term gratification.

Mindset and Weight Loss

Think back to a time when you decided to make a health-related change in your life. You decided to make a positive change, and you got the books, the videos, and put together a “Pump Up” mix on Spotify. After grabbing a marker, you wrote down all the weight loss mindset quotes you could find on little sticky notes and stuck them around your home. For a while, you felt excited. Out of this effort, you got an emotional lift, and it pushed you to get started.

The first few days it felt easy to keep up your motivation. It didn’t take much effort to stick to your exercise or eating goals. 

Once you’ve started to work on your mindset, weight loss is supposed to follow, right?

But then there came days that felt a little harder. You still met your exercise goals, even if just barely. The diet still happened, but you wished for the snacks you’d been so good about avoiding. That was fine, though, right? The next day you’d feel just as motivated, right?

Except you didn’t feel quite as motivated. Then it wasn’t too many days later it felt hard again, and this time, it felt a lot harder. After that, you woke up less motivated than you’ve felt in a long time. A few more days of trying, your efforts start shifting the other way and the days you exercised, the days you ate what you thought you were suppose to, became the rare days. Until eventually, the week came when you didn’t even try.

What happened? At first, you felt so motivated. Why couldn’t you sustain it?

The problem was in implementing a true mindset shift. Weight loss mindset quotes are all well and good in the journey to adopting a positive mindset to lose weight, but the problem is deeper than a few quotes and reading some weight loss books can solve. You need to go deeper into the psychology behind your relationship with food.

If you want to know how mindset affects weight loss, and how to stop emotional eating forever, first you will need to get at the psychological roots of your beliefs and behaviors. A little short-term excitement won’t be enough to create lasting change in your life. You really need to reprogram your mind and body to discover real change and achieve true weight loss results. Here’s how.

Mindset and Weight Loss Tips

1. Reset Your Body

woman eating healthy food

I know what you’re going to say: I thought we were talking about mindset. We are. When mindset has to do with food rules, with hunger, with weight management, then mindset has as much to do with the body as the mind. Food cravings, as well as food obsession, start with the body, after all. Hunger starts with the body, and therefore what you do about hunger is a combination of both mind and body. But unlike what you’ve come to know as using your mind to reset your body, this doesn’t require willpower. Why? Because when you are only operating on willpower you will fail. Willpower can only get you so far.

Before you’ll be able to truly adopt a positive mindset to lose weight and stick to that mindset, you will first need to figure out the fundamental rules getting in the way of your successful weight loss. Even after you do that, there will be behaviors you’ll need to relearn in order to change the way your body craves and uses food. Before you can truly change your mindset toward weight loss, you’ll first need to reset your body so that it can communicate its needs with you.

Somewhere along the way, you stopped listening to your body’s cues. It’s okay, most all of us have at some point in our lives. When we reset our minds and listen to our bodies, it guides us to lose weight without the need for willpower or dieting.

2. Free Your Mind

Many of the most limiting factors interfering with a sustained positive mindset to lose weight come from society and culture. We are bombarded every day with misleading or completely wrong information about healthy eating and weight loss. To develop a healthy relationship with food, you must learn what’s sabotaging your food psychology. Then relearn those rules from a place of real health for both your mind and body.

You are a prisoner of the bad rules that have informed the psychology of your cravings and the physiology of your hunger. In order to truly realize how mindset affects weight loss, you have to free your mind from limiting beliefs sabotaging your ability to truly experience an altered mindset.

3. Effortlessly Sustain Your Weight Loss

woman enjoying food - mindset and weight loss

It might sound impossible, but the Lean Instinct Formula™ will free you from the need for willpower and dieting. If you’ve tried over and over again to lose weight, and all of your efforts were met with continued weight gain and stress, then you need to try a different approach. If you do it right, then weight loss won’t feel like work.


Believe it or not, it is possible to lose weight without effort. Read about what my clients have experienced here.


Mindset and weight loss have everything to do with each other, but mindset change is more than just finding a few inspiring weight loss mindset quotes and trying to motivate yourself with positive vibes. If you want to know how mindset affects weight loss, you have to understand your psychology at a deeper level. 


Only then can you achieve the mindset to lose weight and sustain weight loss effortlessly. Ultimately, you have to figure out the deeper psychological and physiological truths preventing you from truly adopting a lasting mindset for weight loss. 


Both physical health and mental health operate in tandem, and mindset and weight loss are no exception. Both mindset and weight loss require healthy physical nourishment, as well as emotional nourishment to reinforce the physical changes.


Positive thoughts alone aren’t enough to shift unhealthy habits without clear, salient action. How mindset affects weight loss is ultimately dependent on you being proactive, and not only adopting a positive mindset to lose weight, but putting that positive mindset into action.


If you are ready to leave the difficulty of relying solely on willpower behind, book a 1:1 call. The Lean Instinct Formula™  doesn’t coach you to become a better, more compliant, and submissive dieter. Instead, it’ll teach you to unlearn “rules” and avoid restrictive diets while seeing amazing results that last. 


Leslie Chen is the founder of Rise Lean. You can read about her own weight loss journey here.


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