The Ultimate Freedom Approach: What Is It?

It’s system for you to wake up skinny — without over-trying and deprivation, and feel liberated, calm, and care-free in front of a whole table of chocolate, cakes, pizza, and whatever that used to be your worst addiction, then light-heartedly pick up just the ones you’d like…in your favorite jeans. 

Leslie Rise Lean - The ultimate freedom approach

What My Clients Experienced

Janina Effortlessly Losing 40 Pounds After She Did A 3-Month Highly Restrictive Diet Program And Lost Nothing.

Vanessa Ending 20-Year-Long Food Obsession And Emotional Eating Patterns Without Using Willpower Or ‘Rules.’

Kerri Walking Past Her Stress And Anxiety Towards Food, Enjoying A Healthy Relationship With Food Now.

How Is Ultimate Freedom Different?

First of all, the Unlimited Freedom Approach doesn’t coach you to become a better, more compliant and submissive dieter. 

So you won’t learn any diet rules or use any products to achieve the results.

Instead, as you are masterfully guided, you unlearn the ‘rules’ and diets you’ve learned before while seeing amazing results blossoming. 

And in the end, you know you’ve lost the weight NOT because you are doing Diet X…but because your mind and body are running in a way that no longer attracts and retains fat.

What Exactly Should You Expect From Ultimate Freedom?

Ultimate freedom, as its name says.  And in that whole dimension of freedom lies real confidence because never again will feel insecure about food, a social event, and millions of reasons why the lost weight might come back.

It means to DITCH food restrictions, calorie, carbs, and macro counting, the gym, the 4-hour weekly meal prep sessions, shakes, diet pills and supplements, diets, and rules. 

Then you’ll have one win after another. The following data from our client audit gives you a good idea: 

✅  By Week One, 95% of my clients lose 2+ pounds naturally while giving up all the diets and rules. 

✅ By Week Three, 83% get comments like “you really look different!” from family and friends. 

✅ By Week Four,  100% of my clients totally feel free and secure to eat out, travel, and go to parties, eating anything they want to without the tendency to over-analyze food…while still consistently keeping the weight off.

✅ By Week Five, 87% of my clients are able to have the chocolate that they were insanely addicted to on their bedside, and peacefully sleep through the night without the urge to grab it. It feels as if they’ve ever been that much into it before. 

✅ By Week Ten (graduation), 100% my clients successfully trending their bodies towards consistently losing more weight (if still overweight) with no deliberate intention or effort; food obsession is all gone.

✅ 100% my clients see all the results happen without  going to the gym or doing any dedicated workout.

Besides completely detaching your mind from the food obsession and anxiety, you even forget about weight loss, and realize the more you forget about it, the faster it happens. 

It’s paradigm-shifting, step by step. 

More Client Results

Megghan - Rise Lean testimonial

Megghan Thompson

Her sugar obsession faded away in 3 weeks. Even though she still enjoyed ice cream, there was no more guilt or stress. The best part: she lost 8 pounds in 8 weeks without dieting or exercising. 

Client testimonial Rise Lean
Tim - Rise Lean testimonial
Tim Evans
Tim’s year-long cravings disappeared within 5 weeks. Instead of depriving himself, he gained all the freedom and satisfaction he could ever have on food and lost 10 pounds in 10 weeks. In 11 months, he lost 40 pounds without dieting and any form of cardio and weight workouts. 
Client testimonial Rise Lean
Client testimonial Rise Lean
Ebony Wright
Her year-long everyday sugar obsession gone in 6 weeks, gained a blissful relationship with food while losing all those weight. 
Client testimonial Rise Lean
Man at beach

Fred A.J.

Lost 13 pounds in 6 weeks. Got eating back in control without counting calories or following ‘rules.’

Client testimonial Rise Lean

The 3-Step Transformation Process

Reset Your Body
Turn your body from working AGAINST you into working FOR you.
Free Your Mind
Your food related negativities, stress, anxiety, fear, and obsession — all gone.
Effortlessly Sustain
Activate the instinct-based algorithm within your body to run weight-loss and keep it off on its own.

Step 1. Reset Your Body

Your body is like a car. It can be a Bentley fully loaded with gas. But if its engine doesn’t work, it won’t move no matter how hard you hit the pedal.

Key distinction:

If you’ve been trying to lose weight and did everything you could haven’t succeeded, it’s because your body is working against you.

It can hold you back in many ways — not burning calories as it should, not taking in enough nutrients as it should to fuel weight loss, making you hungry, sending you craving triggers, and sometimes, retaining and attracting fat on an autopilot if you have chronic inflammation. 

When you have any of the issues above, you can try 1,000 diets and fail 1,000 times.

THIS is the first thing we work on —  clearing, tuning, and unblocking, making sure it works FOR you. 

While we do that, you start seeing the pounds and inches automatically coming off you…without counting anything or following any rules. This is why our client exclaimed “Every time I weigh myself, it worked, and worked, and worked, and worked, and worked…” ( you can see her interview on Homepage.) 

Step 2. Free Your Mind

If you are an emotional eater, having your body working for you will not solve your problem completely.

This is because at the end of the day, you still don’t have a healthy relationship with food, and you still lack the self-control and the right mindset that allows you to experience food joyfully and peacefully. You can be skinny but still fear food and feel anxious about eating. As pressure accumulates, you sabotage your mind and body.

This step of setting you free transform you from an anxious dieter into to a happy, balanced, and confident eater. You’ll learn some neuroscience (we make it easy!) and experiment some subconscious level shifts that last for life. Your food cravings, obsessions, fears, and anxiety will disappear and you’ll take satisfaction and freedom in everything you eat while still consistently losing weight (because remember, your body is fully activated to do it FOR you!) 

Step 3. Sustain Effortlessly

At this stage, we are bringing out your body’s ability to self-drive, losing weight and keeping it off on its own. 

What are the key differentiators?  Its natural instincts which have been suppressed for a long time because of the diets you’ve done. We can activate them through focused training, we activate them. 

Its your instincts that keep you away from overeating, having craving urges, feeling hungry when physically you aren’t, and storing fat.  They are also what makes sure you won’t deviate from your healthy life despite many unpredictable life events. 

Once they are up again, and since your mind is no longer in your way thanks to the great work we’ve done before, I want you to imagine driving a self-driving Tesla because you are literally relaxing in it hands off and letting it cruise. 

Ready to experience the easiest weight loss ever...while eating whatever you want without stress?