Is Having Unlimited Food Freedom While Losing Weight Too Good To Be True?

Last month I was interviewed by Elaine Slatter — the host of Fabulous Fempreneurship, one of Canada’s top podcasts for business women.

Many people might think the idea of getting the desired body shape while having unlimited food freedom sounds “too good to be true” … only because they don’t know it’s actually their natural instinct to be fit and satisfied to begin with.

And why did you develop such a big blind spot on this simple, basic truth?

It’s because the western FAD culture has educated you from 3-year-old that the healthy, fit physique and food freedom can’t tango together…and being fit is something you have to work hard diet after diet to earn.

Now, if you look at the world at a large scale, you’ll realize this luxury is actually NORM for billions of people.

The only question is how to get there. And hopefully this episode Elaine and I created together can break that limiting belief for you and show you the path.

You can listen to the full episode here:

And this is the result Elaine has seen on herself just 3 weeks after our interview:

Want to stop living the FAD lies and start getting the life and health that you were supposed to have? Book a call with me, and I’ll assess your situation with you and show you the solution.

Have a wonderful day!

Leslie xo

Leslie Chen is creator of Lean Instinct Formula™, which helps people enjoy unlimited food freedom while gaining a head-turning body through re-writing their physical and emotional patterns towards eating and removing their weight loss blockers. Leslie is rated as one of the Top Weight Loss Coach due to consistent results she brings to her clients.

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