Case Study: The Rising Of One Woman Can Impact Millions

Dear Reader, 

If you are highly driven but have always wondered if your eating and weight problems will hold back your dreams….

Or if you want to know how much you can accomplish when these problems are gone in life….

Get ready to find hope in today’s client case study because you will be inspired by what’s done by women just like you after they’ve become free and healthy.

Erica Schaefer is a highly talented, determined, and vibrant woman. Like many women in America, she has been struggling with emotional eating, sugar cravings, and weight gain for years. Unlike many women who settled and let these barriers define their lives, Erica was determined to fix them from their roots.

She had faith in herself. She wanted to provide the best for her family —  especially her husband Zack and her two beautiful young daughters. She also ran a rapidly expanding therapy counseling business. Besides that, Erica had one grand mission she was determined to accomplish — One Less, a cross-continent initiative committed to helping millions of orphans find homes through adoption or by building homes for abandoned children.

The name ‘One Less’ represents one less orphan and one less family struggling to adopt children. However, her mission is more prominent than just being the families’ support for adoption.

While we were working together, Erica was planning the blueprints for building homes for abandoned children in India so that the children could be saved, cared for, and educated with the best resources available.

Her plan covers homes for 75 children for 2024 and more for the years later. One Less is an initiative significant enough for a national broadcasting company to produce a documentary for 2024. And Erica is one woman who’s dedicated to changing millions of families and children across the world. 

Erica’s faithful and capable. The only misalignment between where she was and what she wanted to accomplish? The dieter’s struggles. 

She had year-long food cravings, sugar, and overeating problems that prevented her from being, feeling, and living her best. Often, she felt out of control with food. Due to the toxic relationship with food, she couldn’t be laser-focused on her mission and always felt tired and distracted. 

On the weight management side, she tried many ways to lose weight but never gained real success — the lost weight all came back.

She didn’t know how to eat without stress yet with satisfaction — so her body could organically and sustainably shed the extra weight.

The food, eating, and weight issues have formed a shady cloud in her mind, holding her back from feeling confident, efficient, and powerful. 

After ensuring that Lean Instinct Formula™ was a great solution for her through a Clarity Call, I enrolled her into the program. At the time when the program started, we both decided on two things: 

First, One Less would be successful.  

Second, she would thoroughly solve her eating and weight problems by then.

Erica’s results from the 10-week Lean Instinct Formula™ journey:

Erica successfully learned and implemented a stress-free, satisfying, and liberating eating routine that inevitably led to health and natural weight loss. 

She successfully rewired her mind and body’s ways of sensing, experiencing, and reacting to food. This allowed her to remove emotional eating, mute cravings, and eliminate sugar problems once and for all. 

She reconnected with her true satiety instinct, which allowed her to stop eating when she was full naturally. Gaining this ability stops a person from overeating meals for the rest of their lives!

Because of all that, Erica was losing weight without actively ‘working’ towards it.

She felt the difference but didn’t bother to weigh herself for an extended period. And finally, when she stepped on the scale, 13 pounds were off — naturally, on auto-pilot, without any dieting effort or paying attention to calories, carbs, grams etc. 

Real sustainable weight loss, instead of being the outcome of self-deprivation, is always a byproduct of self-love.

Most importantly, Erica’s energy, focus, and confidence were back. As soon as she fully accepted herself, she started allowing the bigger, fuller life to happen. 

She built her first home for the children. 

(If you want to support her cause, please feel welcomed to do it on the One Less website.) 

And while doing this, she just won the medal for completing the all-terrain race held in her part of the country! 

What’s the biggest takeaway from Erica’s success? 

True weight loss is NOT a function of dieting efforts, but that of satisfaction, freedom, a fully optimized body, and the rewiring of how you perceive, process, experience, and “routinize” eating, mentally and physically. 

And you aren’t hopeless if you have yet to experience the success mentioned. You just have yet to learn the true wisdom, that’s it. 

While I’m thrilled to be a big part of Erica’s journey, I’m hoping to help more and more women actualize their real potential by getting rid of the food barrier, which is ironically so unworthy of sacrificing their dreams.

To Your Happiness.

Leslie Chen