Client Story: Shedding 21 Pounds in 7 Weeks (Diabetes Silenced, Body Pain Gone)

Picture this: 21 pounds gone in just 7 weeks, and not a single dieting rule broken. It might sound like magic, but for Jennifer, it’s a reality she never imagined possible.

It all started with a childhood belief planted by her mom – a cautionary tale about staying beautiful by avoiding weight gain:

”You are really beautiful, just be careful you don’t get fat.”

For nearly three decades, Jennifer battled with diets, self-deprivation, and an underlying distrust of her own body. Weight gain became the norm, and she found herself stuck in a cycle of frustration.

Then, 7 weeks ago, she reached out to me, seeking a way out of this endless struggle. I assured her that we could end this together.

What followed was nothing short of a transformation:

  • Effortless Weight Loss: 21 pounds and counting, without a single dieting effort.
  • Silencing Diabetes: Her blood sugar levels now consistently follow a normal, healthy path.
  • Goodbye Chronic Back Pain: A surprising bonus that came with the newfound well-being.
  • Trusting Her Body: A complete shift from a lifetime of distrust to a harmonious relationship with her own body.
  • Easy Relationship with Food: No more overthinking – just satisfaction and enjoyment.

Her weight gain was once out of control; now, her weight loss is automatic, and it feels like magic in the making.

In a recent check-in, Jennifer and I had a conversation that highlighted the main distinctions turning around a decade-long toxic cycle. You can listen to it below:

@riselean Chat w/ my client Jennifer. 7 weeks in, lost 21lbs effortlessly, no dieting, no crunching numbers, just living and eating like a normal, free person. Diabetic blood sugar level down to normal consistently. Back pain gone. No cravings. Just happy. #foodfreedom #weightlosscoach #relationshipwithfood #sustainableweightloss ♬ original sound – Rise Lean Store

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