How to Lose Weight Naturally

When clients tell me they’ve tried to lose weight naturally a hundred times before, I always ask one clarifying question, “How?”. 

Many of them will follow up with a list of diets they have tried or restrictive eating plans they’ve read about along the way. They’ve attended meetings, purchased gym memberships, considered surgical options, and tried “organic” supplements to help them lose weight. 

Usually, after listening to this list, with most of the items I myself have experienced many years ago, I will ask again how they tried to lose weight naturally. They’ll look at me quizzically as if to say, “I just told you.” In reality, however, nothing they mentioned had anything to do with losing weight naturally. 

You see, diet plans aren’t natural. 

How To Lose Weight Naturally

Each diet is a structure created as a one-size-fits-all approach to nutrition. Nutrition, however, doesn’t work like that. No single meal, plan, workout, or supplement will magically help everyone. The reason is simple: we are all unique. As unique beings, we are connected solely to the one body we have, and we can rely on our body to communicate its needs, loud and clear. 

So, if you’ve come here for a diet plan, charts, graphs, and pills, you’ve come to the wrong place. If you’d like to know how to lose weight naturally and permanently, keep reading!

How to Lose Weight Fast, Naturally, and Permanently

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Did you know that extra weight is a biological and neurological issue, not necessarily a workout issue? In other words, you can’t outrun unhealthy eating habits. For instance, you can’t outrun your brain and body’s inertia to hold onto weight. While exercise is an excellent way to keep your heart and muscles fit, it isn’t the answer to your weight loss struggles. I’ll tell you what is, and you may be surprised by how simple it sounds:

To lose weight naturally, without exercise, there are a few new important things you need to pick up. And the most important one is following your body’s hunger cues. 

For example, you may have been taught that you need to eat three meals a day from an early age. Later in life, that number may have been challenged when someone told you that you need to eat six small meals a day. You may have grown more confused still when someone different came along and told you to fast for a certain number of hours a day. All these mixed messages and arbitrary restrictions have nothing to do with your body’s natural hunger cues. 

Hunger is not a mindset; it is an instinct. So, you can’t manage hunger with the mind. You must respond to it with your body. When you’re hungry, you eat. When you’re full, you stop. 

While this sounds simple, it requires an entire mind and body reset. One of the biggest reasons: if you’ve been overeating and/or dieting for years, even your hunger sign is skewed because now your brain is retrained to acknowledge what you are used to vs what you need as “satisfied.” That’s how many people keep overeating without feeling satisfied. And this hunger is psychological, neurological (meaning your body releases the chemical that triggers you to eat more), and physical. 

Obstacles to Eating When You’re Hungry


The problem most people run into is that they continue to attempt to manage hunger with their minds. They look at the eating schedule they’ve written out and determine not to eat anything until those times. 

Sometimes, their scheduled eating time comes when they aren’t even hungry yet. “But the schedule!” they think. So, they eat even if they’re not hungry. 

Other times, they’ve determined that they will fast for a certain number of hours, but their body is asking for food. By the time they agree to eat, they overeat because they’ve kicked-started their internal deprivation mode and chosen to eat more than their body is even asking for. 

All these plans, structures, and calendars serve as a barrier when it comes to how to lose weight naturally. You have put your body in a dominant position and effectively tell your mind to sit down and be quiet. 

Hunger is your body’s way of telling you that you need fuel. When you try to silence and ignore it, you end up eating more than you need, less than you need, or–what I see most–you go back and forth between the two. 

Did I mention earlier that even your hunger and satisfaction cues can be skewed as a result of long term dieting or overeating? That’s not an overnight shift and requires focused sense and awareness training. But still, when I coach my clients, my first step is always to renew the ability to read how their bodies actually feel. And throughout the process, they realize how their bodies feel and what they THINK their bodies feel are very different. This essential step helps them demystify what real hunger and satisfaction are like. 

Other Tips On How to Lose Weight Naturally

When you reconnect with your instinctive signals, there is no need to restrict your diet or obsess over every bite you put into your mouth. I go into a little more depth in this chat about the secrets of weight loss.


Even healthy habits are a byproduct of neurological rewiring, but most people think it’s a willpower game. There is a real gap of understanding there. Willpower will not produce the same results as rewiring.


I can help you remove the barriers between you and your inner self to open the line of communication once again. You don’t have to continue roller coaster dieting, spending hours at the gym, or starving yourself. There is a better way! That’s Lean Instinct Formula™.


I won’t coach you to become a better, more compliant, and submissive dieter when you work with me. You won’t learn any diet rules or use any products to achieve your desired results.


Instead, as I guide you, you unlearn the “rules” and diets you’ve learned before while seeing amazing results. 


Reach out to me today if you’re ready to reconnect your body and mind while losing weight naturally through the power of the Lean Instinct Formula™. Book a 1:1 call here.


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